Test Your Cat-Like Reflexes in A Walk in the Dark

Eerie Cat-Platformer A Walk In The Dark Announced

Tighten up those heart strings, its time to see just how much you love you’re best friend in this eerie and haunting indie platformer. Developer Flying Turtle Software announced the release of its latest upcoming title, A Walk In the Dark. Players will take on the role of Bast, a cat in search of his lost friend Arielle after the arrival of an ancient and evil creature who disturbs them  during their usual walk through the forest.

While this entirely black foreground style is not new to the side-scrolling genre, its interesting to note the capabilities of Bast as he moves around the stage. Players must use their cat-like reflexes to avoid obstacles, but they will also be able to preform all number of feats not often seen in games. Then again, how many games let you play as a cat? The game is set to feature “100 main story levels,” possibly implying bonus levels or other features to come.

Walk In The Dark Cat

Flying Turtle Software is a small independent Portugese development team, with A Walk In the Dark as their first title to launch on home consoles. The game is set to feature gravity inversion mechanics, coupled with movement and abilities modelled after a cat.

Set for release on May 19th, A Walk In the Dark will launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere title, allowing gamers to pay for the game once and play it on both systems. For more information, visit their official website.

Source: Press Release