Darksiders III Gets Official Reveal Trailer after Amazon Leak

Looks Like Darksiders III Is Changing pace with a Different Kind of Protagonist

Earlier today, received news of Darksiders III thanks to a leak. We owe this to a premature Amazon listing; it had box art, info, and everything. Thankfully, it happens all the time and we can probably expect more such leaks in the future. Nonetheless, not long after the leak (probably as a result), we’ve received an official reveal trailer for Darksiders III. Watch the video below, courtesy of IGN First:

We now have the sister of The Four Horsemen, Fury, as our main character. And, judging by the trailer dialogue, her journey will involve killing The Seven Deadly SinsInteresting, as far as plots go.

Now that we’re on our third installment, our third horseman has made their appearance. Is this to remain the pattern? Naturally, we’re also eager to see how game mechanics may have been adjusted and improved.

Feel free to wait with us for more of the latest news and updates on THQ’s Darksiders III. In the meantime, comment below your own thoughts on this reveal trailer. Are you excited for the third Darksiders? Let us know.

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