Quantum Break Sold Very Well; Will We See a Sequel?

Great Sales for Remedy’s Quantum Break

Launching a new IP is always a dicey proposition and even more so when you’re putting AAA money into it. That’s exactly what Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment did with Quantum Break and according to Xbox marketing top dog Aaron Greenberg it all paid off. In our official review, we loved it saying, “Remedy has crafted a fine game that blurs the line between interactive and sedentary entertainment. The ambition to combine the two into something that is more than just a novelty, but a new avenue into the way we play games is to be commended.”

In a recent interview over on Windows Central, Greenberg discussed the game and the possibility of a sequel saying, “Quantum Break sold really well; it exceeded what we expected it to do. We were really pleased with how Quantum Break did. But just like every movie, not every game needs a sequel, sometimes it’s okay.” Adding to that Greenberg noted that sometimes the devs just don’t want to, they want to move on to something new stating, “a lot of creators don’t necessarily want to go and do a sequel, a lot of creators just want to go and create another new thing. When it comes to sequels, there’s a complex set of dynamics.”

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The original interviewer made a point of mentioning that Quantum Break‘s final moments left a clear opening for a sequel but whether or not one ever comes to light is still unknown. What we do know is that Remedy is already hard at work on a new project. It’s still top secret and we have no information on whether it’s another new IP or something from an existing franchise. All we know is that Remedy’s Thomas Puha said they’re working on it.

What isn’t top secret is Greenberg’s appreciation for the Finnish studio calling them ‘very creative storytellers who build very rich, great games’. Naturally, he said he looks forward to what they come up with next but hey, don’t we all?