World of Warcraft Cosplay is Nothing Short of Amazing

This Warcraft Cosplay is Simply Fantastic

There is no question, we love cosplay here at COGconnected. Last week, we posted some super sexy cosplay from Lost Saga. You can check out the Doremi from Spiral Cats cosplay here. Earlier this month, we also shared some Overwatch cosplay which is unbelievably hot. You can check out that Overwatch cosplay here. In our quest for the latest and greatest cosplay, we stumbled across some amazing World of Warcraft cosplay. The level of detail with this particular costume is a sight to behold. So good it looks real and terrifying! Check out the first image below:

Warcraft Cosplay

This cosplay is actually from World of Warcraft Legion. It features Gul’dan of the Stormreaver Clan. This character was a former orcish shaman of the Shadowmoon Clan from Draenor, who became the first orcish warlock as well as the founder of the Orcish Horde. Pretty amazing stuff, isn’t it?

Warcraft Cosplay

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