PS4 Slim Available NOW… If You Go To eBay

PS4 Slim Available NOW… If You Go To eBay

Sony’s protection of PS4 Slim information has been shoddy at best. It’s actually been non-existent. Information about the PlayStation 4 Slim and to some extent the PS4 Neo has been leaking worse than a toddler’s shitty diaper. For those of you who have never had a toddler, that means A LOT. Like, a real whole bunch.

Slim PS4 Leak

With the official reveal supposedly coming in September we’ve already seen consumers get their hands on the PS4 Slim well ahead of time. We reported on one user documenting his experience just a few days ago and now, if you’re the early adopter ‘I wanna brag on the internet’ type, you can get your very own PS4 Slim from eBay! Surprisingly enough, it’s not as disastrously overpriced as one might assume.

Various ads have popped up on the auction site’s UK page with the price averaging around 390 British Pounds. Converting that to USD it’s approximately¬†$512 which is pricey, but not nearly as exorbitant as we might expect.


For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait for the official reveal but we likely won’t be forking over that much cash either. What’s your take, readers? Would you jump on this deal if you could find it here at home?