The PlayStation 4 Is Selling out Again, Four Years Later

Sony’s Console Takes the Stage During Black Friday

Is it any surprise that, four years after launch, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is selling out? Yes, it is. The corporate giant came out strong this week with the delivery of new Black Friday deals. Specifically, they came out with an enticing new sale on their home entertainment console.

Sony Japan Studio PS4 NEO PS4 Pro

As reported by PushSquare, the online sphere has completely run out of Standard 1TB Slim PS4s. The sales come in the wake of PlayStation’s new Black Friday Week discount made available at many major retailers. The discount brought the popular console down to a new low of $199.99, a never-before-seen deal. Perhaps Sony simply underestimated their projected sales. That or they simply met expectations.

Not to say you won’t find any PlayStation 4’s online, but you won’t see any at the $199.99 price tag. If you were hoping to find one of your own, however, you’re liable to find them in-store at the following brick and mortar retailers: Wal-Mart, BestBuy, Target, and GameStop. Each of them simply ran out of their online stocks since, as expected, many people prefer the convenience of online delivery. Of course, they may run out of in-store units at any moment. This is Black Friday.

Still, there are many Black Friday discounts going on. You have until Monday to take advantage of the PlayStation Store Sale or the Black Friday Sale. There are even deals exclusive to Canada. Get your shopping done in time for the holidays.

Happy gaming.