Monster Hunter World Gameplay Footage Every Newbie Must Watch

The New Monster Hunter Looks Fun as Hell

With Monster Hunter World, Capcom is changing the game significantly, albeit not so much that it will alienate veterans. In reimagining this IP, the developer’s goal is to create a better experience for newcomers while staying true to the franchise. Hence, we have helpful changes to the combat system.

Thanks to new gameplay footage from GameInformer, we get a great look at the starting area for Monster Hunter WorldPlayers will finally be able to test the game’s different weapon types before going against the monsters. Usually, the franchise requires a trial by fire. You jump in, fight the monsters, and then die without knowing whether you ever did damage. Capcom went ahead and decided that players shouldn’t have to fight monsters before knowing what the hell their weapons do. Furthermore, they realized that players like knowing whether they’re doing damage. Thus, as you’ll note in the footage below, there are now damage numbers.

As relayed in our previous coverage, other changes to Monster Hunter are coming in the form of a true open-world experience. Instead of loading into different areas, the Monster Hunter World experience is seamless. Capcom has crafted a world in which you can go anywhere, and to make it truly worthwhile, they’ve upped the graphics.

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