Steep Video Review – A Thrilling Extreme Winter Sports Experience

Steep Video Review

Reviews for Ubisoft’s Steep have been all over the map. We have seen some scores below 60/100, but most of the review scores have fallen in the mid-70’s range. We, on the other hand, quite enjoyed our time with Steep giving it a solid 80 score. If you’ve been following COGconnected’s coverage of Steep you’ll know that we enjoyed our time with the beta. So it comes as no surprise our review is quite positive. You can read our written review here, but why read when you can watch our ‘no reading required’ video review. So without further delay check out our official Steep video review:

When our man, Rory, reviewed the game and he said this: “Despite coming up short in a few areas Steep ends up a very enjoyable experience overall. Even as I type these closing comments I’m thinking about the game and where my next line will take me. With huge and beautiful summits to explore, varied locations and events and the best snowboard and ski free riding any game has offered yet, Steep is a welcomed and satisfying extreme sports experience.”

Steep Top Screen

Steep is now worldwide on Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

In Steep, players drop in to the Alps and ski, snowboard, wingsuit and paraglide through the game’s massive open world playground, filled with exhilarating challenges and breathtaking views. Riders can discover remarkable places and experience unforgettable moments through many different activities including “Mountain Stories”, which offer more narrative oriented opportunities. To show off their creativity, players can combine six different playstyles as they perform crazy stunts and discover uncharted areas: Explorer, Freerider, Freestyler, Bone Collector, Extreme Rider and Pro Rider. The sky is the limit; thrill-seekers and explorers alike can drop in anywhere and roam the Alps to learn the mountains’ secrets. Steep’s open world will be further enriched by the majestic slopes of Alaska in a free update available after launch.