January Free Games With PS Plus Includes ‘Steep’ & ‘Warframe’ Rewards

Post-Christmas Gifts Await

In gearing up for the new year, PlayStation has gathered their list of complementary titles for PS Plus subscribers. Next week, PS4 owners can look forward to free downloadable games in the form of Steep and Portal Knight.

Revealed on the PlayStation blog, both Steep and Portal Knights will be free to download from January 1 to February 5, 2019. Hope you got a PS Plus subscription for Christmas… or whichever holiday you celebrate.

First up, we have Steep. The mountain is yours to explore in this massive open world sports game. Drop in to the most epic mountains, and ski, wingsuit, snowboard, and paraglide your way to victory. This game is for those looking for a little excitement this winter season.

Next up, we have Portal Knights. Step into the fantastic and unknown in the delightful action-RPG. You can explore alone or team up with up to three other friends in cooperative multiplayer*. This is a delightful romp of a game that is sure to please many of you.

As has been tradition, PlayStation Plus will offer more free games for gamers on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Among them, Fallen Legion is available as a cross-buy purchase on Vita.

There’s a little something extra, this month, for fans of Warframe. From now until January 15, subscribers can claim the Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III for free. That’s 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, the Quanta (a Corpus laser rifle), the Quanta Obsidian Skin, a 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster. No charge.

PS Plus subscribers have a limited window to claim December’s free games with PS Plus. The list includes Soma and Onrush, which shall be retired next month. Stay tuned for additional news, deals, and reviews as we transition into 2019.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog