Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition on Sale for $13

Horizon Zero Dawn Was One of the Most Critically-Acclaimed Games of 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is currently on sale for $13.39 until January 8, 2019 on the PlayStation Store, according to the game’s store webpage. This sale is one of the deals presently available in the store’s big Holiday Sale.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The complete edition of the game includes the base game and its The Frozen Wilds DLC. It also comes with a digital art book, some bonus items, and a dynamic background for your PS4.

Our review for Horizon Zero Dawn gave it a perfect score and called it “a sweeping epic, magically dancing across the lines between sci-fi and fantasy”.

“Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Games’ crowning achievement in video game development,” our reviewer wrote. “A masterful epic that outshines any game we’ve seen on the PlayStation 4 so far. Words can not do justice for what you need to see for yourself.”

We also have a review available for The Frozen Wilds DLC. “I could summarize The Frozen Wilds in three simple words — it’s more Horizon — and that would be enough for some, but that simple sales pitch really doesn’t do the whole thing justice,” the review reads.

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