Ubisoft’s Steep Is Free for a Limited Time – the Price Is in Free Fall

Get a Blast of Snow Just in Time for Summer

2016’s open world extreme Winter sport game is free right now for PC. Earlier today, the announcement was made on the official Steep Twitter account. If you were on the fence about it three years ago, there is no reason not to snatch it up. Ubisoft’s Steep got fairly positive reviews when it launched and has since added a bunch of DLC.

Ubisoft's Steep

While the deal only includes the base game, right now pretty much all the DLC is on sale. That includes the season pass for just $12, so you can get all the add-ons (seperately costing about $119) for pretty much a tenth of the price. If you sat on this game before, sit no longer. You can only get Steep for free until May 21st.

We are just coming back from the Winter weather, but if you cannot wait another year, hopefully Steep can tide you over for a while. Just last month, Ubisoft gave Assassin’s Creed Unity away for free. Go for the hat-trick next month, Ubisoft?

Will you be picking up Steep? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter