Top 10 Games of Last Generation Countdown – Number 4

Stephan Adamus (Contributor) – Xenoblade Chronicles

The game takes place on continents grown on the dead bodies of two dead titans. Such an interesting world to explore! My only real complaint about this game is that it was too massive but the story was just so epic! And the combat system was phenomenal. Xenoblade Chronicles did a great job of being one step away from too daunting, and tantalizing me into exploring its every nook and cranny. A trend in my favorite games is that they all have phenomenal endings and Xenoblade Chronicles is no exception.

Xenoblade Chronicles


Michael Chow (Contributor)  – Grand Theft Auto V

When it was first announced, I thought that having three main characters in GTA V was a horrible decision. I’ve now bought the game on two different systems and could not have been more wrong. From the serious missions to the hilarious side quests, Grand Theft Auto V built an open world unlike most others: one that felt alive.

Grand Theft Auto V


Anthony Bacchus (Contributor) – BioShock

Rapture, the underwater city in BioShock that players immersed themselves in, remains one of the best and most fully-realized worlds ever in a video game. It’s a wonder to explore but also houses some pretty unsettling content, all while asking some pretty deep philosophical questions to boot. I’ve played through BioShock a few times now, and I’m still uncovering new details that I missed. And who can forget that twist? Would you kindly play it if you haven’t already?

Top 10 Last Generation Bioshock


Ahmed Mohamed (Contributor) – Journey

There’s isn’t much to be said about Journey. A 90-minute adventure that shook me to my core. Journey is majestic and powerful all at the same time, but it’s with the inclusion of the game’s asynchronous multiplayer that pushes it over the edge. Taking this journey with a stranger is a once in a lifetime experience.


That does it for number 4 but tune in next week for the start of our Top 3! As always, we’d love to hear your picks in the comments below!