Gamer Girls Magazine – Because All Girls Game in Their Underwear

If there’s one ploy that’s sure to get virgin nerd gamers everywhere doing the waist band super-tuck (look it up ladies) it’s pictures of sexy girls holding controllers. Right? Apparently that’s what the creators of ‘Gamer Girls Magazine’ seem to think because rather than releasing a magazine that could be properly used as an outlet for strong female characters in gaming and the ladies who ACTUALLY play them they’ve released an absolute piece of drivel appealing to the lowest common denominator… sex.

On the very first cover of this quite obviously prestigious magazine we have the graceful Kristy Ann, the stereotypical female gamer… or not. Daintily holding an Xbox controller she demonstrates that despite the condition of her taped together nerd glasses she can still afford a boob job, but not a shirt. Wow, I can’t wait to get inside and see how all this exploitation of both women and gaming culture works out! According to the cover we’ll also get to see Kristy Ann’s ‘Game Stats’ which sadly, and not surprisingly, turn out to be her measurements. Not sure about anyone else but it’s been a long time since my chest measurements helped me take out a Big Daddy.

Moving inside we’ve got a page that shows us we’ll be seeing profiles on 5 stunning ladies who all represent a different ‘gaming essential’. I don’t know about you but the only gaming essential I need is some Cheetos and a Mountain Dew (oh wait… or is that just another stupid stereotype?). Upon further inspection you’ll find that every gamer girl ever plays games in booty shorts and knee high socks or underwear. Not only that they do it while seductively bent over a coffee table. In what has to be my favourite portion of the preview our temptress Kristy Ann is asked ‘What superhero or villain do you identify with?’ to which she bouncily replies ‘The Flash because I love flashing people, lol!’.

LOL is right.

Here’s the biggest problem with this magazine; It’s saying it’s about gamer girls yet has next to no coverage of anything actually based on gaming. It’s trying to be Playboy Lite all while playing to the lowest common denominator possible. Look, Ray360 (the creator of this gem), if you want to do softcore porn then do softcore porn but don’t do it under the thinly veiled guise of a gamer girl magazine. That’s an insult to the women out there who actually play games and enjoy them.

What’s your take on all of this? Is this something that’s going to succeed or ultimately get shamed out of existence? We want to know… let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

UPDATE: The editor of Gamer Girls Magazine has shown his true colors by stating that only ‘Homosexuals and Feminists’ have a problem with his magazine. Thoughts?


  • Bob

    Here’s a wild idea: Don’t read the magazine.

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      I think there’ll still be enough sad souls out there that will though. That’s why, if you have an opinion that it’s garbage, you can speak out about it.

      Personally, I hope it bombs. Every girl to ever pick up a controller (for real, not just cradle it in their ample bosoms) should be insulted by this in my opinion.

      • Bob

        I think you’d have to be borderline retarded to have this magazine effect your opinion on what a “girl gamer” is. Which brings me to another stupid point in this article, the notion that this could be used to empower women gamers as if they are some oppressed minority. Minus the pre-teen idiots that shit talk women just as much as they tell me they’ll fuck my mom, nobody really gives a shit that you’re a girl that plays games

        • Mike Jones

          but its different when it happens to girls,you know,because they can’t defend or stand up for themselves in any way and need us men to constantly protect them (and flood N4G daily with articles about how much we care about their struggle) yay equality! 🙂

      • Bob

        But I agree. I hope it bombs as it’s just another magazine full of half naked women pretending to be about gaming

        • Shawn Petraschuk

          This is my entire point. This in no way effects my opinion on what a gamer girl is. Honestly I don’t even like the term ‘gamer girl’ BUT if a magazine has to exist with that title it would be much better served to do positive things than negative.

          • Joseph Lan

            No publication, be it porn, magazines, books, music, or film, has any societal or moral obligation to do “positive things” (i.e., “positive” from your subjective point of view).

  • Adam

    Good stuff. If porn wasn’t free on the internet I might have picked one up. Sounds like an article made with a lot of animosity and jealousy. Obviously no one gives a shit if they play games or not, it’s not like that’s the point. It’s a fantasy, just like video games. Get over it.

    • Joseph Lan

      I would buy it just because it’s so goddamn hilarious in a absurdist type of way, rather than something to jerk off to (well, maybe both). Would make a great conversation piece.

  • Knightwing19

    I like hot girls, clothed, semi or naked and I like video games but I don’t like this. For some reason as a male gamer I’m feeling a little insulted. I can’t quite put my finger on why but this magazine seems to scream “male gamers are losers” to me.

    • Hates bad writers.

      It’s trying to tell us that we’re low brow, and don’t have standards. Honestly, you what used to work great in video game advertisement? Showing off a game that didn’t suck. If you need boobs, what you’re selling isn’t good enough to buy.

    • Cremage

      I’m a gamer girl, and NOOOO i don’t play PS3 or whatev’ the console naked. Or half naked, for that matters.

      It makes me so angry to see these slu- err, girls- showing off their boob jobs and ‘toshoped bodies just so that this magazine can sell more.

      Not sure if video game magazine or Playboy.

      • SJ

        No one should be having a problem with the girls since they are getting paid to do this. It’s in their best interest to make money, not necessarily portray gamer girls correctly.

        We should be mad at the creators of the magazine, how they woke up and thought HEY! THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT IDEA!!

        Since people are angry, be angry at the right people.

      • Jeremy Comans

        I sometimes play naked or half-naked, but generally that’s because it’s really hot, or I’m drunk or something. I can’t assume it ever looks particularly sexy.

    • Vail14

      I think I know why you don’t like the magazine. It fails at targeting either the gamer market, or the models market. It doesn’t take gaming seriously, so a gamer won’t go to it for video game news, insights, or interviews; and it doesn’t do anywhere near as good a job of targeting those looking for models, and erotism like Maxim or similar magazines. Also the title comes across like it is targeted to women, when it is not. So it causes an instinctive mislead (e.g. think of titles such as playboy, playgirl, or Cosmo. To target a particular gender, you entitle the magazine for that gender (masculine for males, feminine for females).
      This magazine won’t last 12 issues. There best bet is to keep the title, and change EVERYTHING else. There are many talented female gaming reporters. Im sure a few would do freelance work for a proper magazine, and there are many (cute/pretty/hot) girl gamers who are known via youtube/facebook/twitter. Give a couple of them a column (a la Sex and the City Style), and they could tap into a strong and under targeted market.

    • Blu Soulstn

      I think more or less that the insulting feeling comes from the fact that they think by putting some controllers and putting some video games in the pic that they can sell a magazine… some dive right into it because its a form of mental masturbation because they WANT to believe it, those insulted live in the real world. of course that dosent change the fact that “china doll” is hot haha

  • MattS71

    Sex sells…not like its a new tactic.

    • Solomon Pattee


  • asbofive

    Hey this magazine would be perfect for Tara Babcock, she’d fit right in!

  • godismicrosoft

    real gamers above ^ only a lesbian or a gaybo would hate on this..

    • No

      Your name is godismicrosoft so you are obviously 13 years old and only want this magazine sense your hormones are acting up and you need some new jerk material.

  • Anna

    I am not really so much insulted as annoyed. It isn’t so much “the notion that this could be used to empower women”. i don’t need to be empowered, Ill play games no matter what. It’s the fact that i feel it is a missed opportunity to target a growing population. We aren’t an oppressed minority. At least I don’t feel oppressed! However most of the time articles on gaming are of course written from a guys perspective. I would love to read how a fellow female gamer likes whatever new game has come out and about a thousand other things like comic con or movies. I would love to read who their favorite super hero is with a reason that doesn’t make me completely roll my eyes. I would be happy just reading that in a regular gaming magazine but there are men and women’s magazines for just about everything. While we don’t need a gamer magazine for us I wouldn’t mind reading one regardless. But of course…this isn’t a magazine for me. Its just another magazine filled with half naked women to fantasize over and sex sells so I am sure they will do well.

    • extermin8or2

      Unfortunately I suspect this will be bought by the kind of gamer that buys no other games every year but Fifa and COD and reads newspapers like the sun. Which probably means it will sell very well :/

      • Marty

        Justin Beiber sells really well too. Just remember, popularity =/= quality.

  • Melissa Rossetti

    pervs lol

  • DamnSkippy

    this is just sad

  • Eboyd27

    I hope this bombs. Half naked women and nothing to do with gaming ?
    Why not just watch porn?

  • Hugo Steinmetz

    to be honest: the magazine is trying to get to money with this… its allways the same; dont believe this shit. naked girls with gamepads for bimbos. dont touch this shit.

  • just saying

    her aerolas are visible.

  • Synthetic Construct

    As if girl gamers really look like that, most are just as fat, hairy, and smelly as the rest of us

  • Pretty pathetic that this idea was even conceived! What garbage.

  • Ali Cara

    I don’t really need to know someone’s chest-waist-hips stats ever when it comes to video games. And height? Is this so we know if they’re in the camera pan of the Kinect? I’m going to assume not.

  • ThreeOranges

    Wait … do I rage against this for featuring fake geek girls or rage for it because it lets me objectify women? How do I shot rage?

  • Martin Elisha

    yeah these girls aren’t hot. in fact more ugly with a controller in hand. its the fact that they aren’t real gamer. time spent with cock in hand is greater.these girls are obviously not attractive to me as a gamer. its so try hard. I wanna see teenage average looking girls smoking through bongs and playing.

  • Martin Elisha

    its the exact feeling of disappointment when u have porn stars that are 40 posing as teens.

  • AerosmithNirvana

    “It’s saying it’s about gamer girls yet has next to no coverage of anything actually based on gaming”. Allow me to explain this by focusing in on the first part of your statement: “It’s saying it’s about gamer girls”. If that doesn’t do it, let me highlight a word in there for you: “It’s saying it’s about gamer GIRLS”. Get it? It’s about gamer GIRLS. So, YEAH, it’s kinda’ like Playboy, but focussing on GAMER girls specifically. Pretty simple, really. 😉

  • JinOntario

    I frickin’ knew that’s how girls played video games!!! Now I understand what the hell my mom was doing every time I tried to teach her to play Mario Kart.

    (gone to seek counseling)

  • Scroo

    What’s wrong guys, I always game in my sexy underwear, all women do

  • Hates bad writers.

    And people whine about misogyny in video games. For the most part it doesn’t exist, where it does exist is this crappy advertisement. Honestly, do you really think us all low brow enough to just roll over and buy your shit because boobs? Not to mention the fact that we have plenty of average girls playing games and we’re misrepresenting them. This is advertisement is meant for a prepubescent child, and a child has no place in mainstream video game media.

    Then again, the money is wasted. This won’t make money at all, so I won’t feel bad when their wallets take a hit.

  • Max

    Somehow, I don’t think this was ever intended as a magazine to empower girls that play games. I’m pretty sure this is a girlie magazine that was made for gamers. It was never intended as an outlet for anything. Getting upset about it is like being mad at Maxim for not positively representing women, or being mad that Cosmo peddles sex just as equally to women as this does to men. Those rags were all made with a very specific purpose in mind, and it’s not the betterment of humanity.

  • ChatWraithGamma

    Welp. Put a porn actress on a magazine front —> sell copies. I don’t think the author cares about the gamer market, he just cares about the market with dicks that inflate.

    Money wise it’s a good idea. Good idea wise, it’s a fucking stupid idea.

  • Nici

    Why not just title the magazine Porn Girls Given XBox Controllers As Props? Look, I understand some of your ridiculous fantasies may include hot women playing with themselves and a controller at the same time but to make a tribute to girls that play video games by sexualizing the act and using porn stars to represent a very real demographic, that not once mentions a fucking real girl talking about playing a video game, is both absurd and degrading. I’m hot. I game. I don’t take cumshots to the face for money. Every act a women takes part in is sexualized and that is not empowering. What would be empowering is seeing real women playing and talking about video games, not sticking a joystick up her snatch. The term ‘gamer girl’ is stupid and I loathe it. However, do not make a magazine with the premise being women playing video games when the women featured have only ever played ‘Guess Which Hole I’m In’

    Disclaimer: You can save yourselves the time of assuming I’m ‘just jealous’ because I can assure you I hold no envy for fake tits and dudes jerking off to my fake interests.

    • Osbook

      Im pretty sure not all of them are pornstars. Atleast chyna doll i know works for glam magazines and hip hop videos. Then the other girl beside, annice tai, same not so sure though.

    • girl in star wars shirt

      None of us are in porn, we are glamour models in lad magazines. Also I am 100 percent real, no fake boobs, no plastic surgery of any sort.

      • Nici

        As if that somehow negates the fact that this magazine is an embarassment to those of us who play video games. I am not basing my assessment off of the pictures alone, but the content as well. Which is weak to say the least. You are representing us in a bad light and we don’t like it.
        Your argument is invalid.

        Good day.

      • CarOfDoom

        You are just a fucking attention whore who doesn’t care about anything but money and so takes a fucking shot on the entire gaming community. Kindly keep your skin OFF our gaming magizines and in playboy.

        Thank you.

        • Jeremy Comans

          It surely isn’t fair to be attacking a model for being a model? It is the people running the publication who are the ones who are fully aware of, and responsible for, the exploitation of gaming culture taking place here.

      • Marty

        “we are glamour models in lad magazines”

        So… not gamers then? What a revelation.


      • Brandon

        You’re not a porn star huh? Well to me a porn star is someone who sells their sexual traits to gain a quick buck. Which you are clearly doing here. You’re a cancer to the gaming community and are re-enforcing a stereotype. For one, gamer girls don’t sit in the nude to play video games and not on top of game cases either which tells me you know nothing about being a true gamer. You are offending an entire sub culture and it isn’t right. You’re dressed up in sexual matter so yes you are a porn star, period. You may not be on film doing sexual acts but you are still selling your body out for people who can’t actually get girlfriends in real life to please themselves to your fake body. I am not even a frequent gamer and this offends me! Because you are basically re-enforcing a thinking that all gamers wear geeky shirts and are outcasts to society. besides if you could live with yourself showing your body off then you need mental help. Face it, you’re a porn star and no amount of you trying to defend your actions will make me feel different. Besides, there are many other mediums to show you fake body off, like actual porn mediums! But no you feel it reasonable to go out and technically make fun of an entire group of people. Wrong choice, because as we speak the internet is igniting in a shit storm and will have your ass.

    • Hi

      You’re jealous.

      • Nici

        Yeah, so jealous…

        • Emmerson Samson

          Don’t worry. He’s trolling you.

  • Caleb E. Rees

    Ugh… As if gamer girls actually look like that or play games in scantily clad clothing like that… Not all gamer girls are necessarily ugly and there are sexy ones (Tara Babcock), but they certainly don’t make a habit of dressing up like that when they play video games lol. Not only is this magazine objectifying gaming girls, but its also selling a false image of gamer girls in general. The girls in this magazine are probably models paid to represent gamer girls, but are probably not actual gamers… Whatever…

    • You are actually part of the problem, sir. I hope you realize that.

      • Caleb E. Rees

        …..What? I just basically said that this magazine is garbage and that it sexually objectifies girls – and that’s…a problem? Uh huh….. So you WANT me to think that girls being sexually objectified is okay?

        • “Not all gamer girls are necessarily ugly…”

          “…but its also selling a false image of gamer girls in general.”

          Note the above statements and realize with a sullen soul that you actually said that. The problem, Caleb, is that looks have to be brought up at all. It’s one thing to say “Hey, let’s not sexualize female gamers. Let’s treat them as equals, because us male gamers certainly don’t go around judging each other by looks.” And it’s another thing to say “Wtf, they don’t dress like that and implying that they do is false advertisement.”

          How is that NOT a problem to you?

          • Caleb E. Rees

            “Note the above statements and realize with a sullen soul that you actually said that”

            First off, it’s completely useless to try and guilt trip someone (me in this case) on the damn internet… When in the history of internet has that ever worked…?

            “The problem, Caleb, is that looks have to be brought up at all”

            Look, I hate to parade on your fantasy world that all people are mutually attractive in terms of looks to everyone else on this planet – but that has NEVER been the case. That kind of idealism sounds good to a certain audience/people, but not everyone is that naïve… Looks matter – always have, always will. It’s human nature for one to find another more attractive than the other. Visual stimulation that’s further enhanced by human emotion is the reason why we have terms and categories for how more pretty or attractive one person is over others. It’s not a bad thing – but a lot feminists and vocal minorities love to think so… But don’t get me wrong, I’m not superficial and I completely agree that looks ARE NOT everything and that a persons virtues and qualities are important – but that’s not what we’re talking about right now… We’re talking about a magazine, and like ALL other magazines – features attractive people. To do so has been a magazine standard for literally several decades. Why? The answer is obvious… Visual stimulation. I mean Christ woman, if looks don’t have to be brought up at all then I guess models would be completely useless then huh?

            If you want to keep on preaching that looks are irrelevant then by all means – go ahead… But don’t try and argue this on every single facet of social media entertainment (magazines, games, movies, shows, internet, television, etc) because doing so would be like beating a dead horse with a stick – not to mention your words or attractive equality will mostly fall on deaf ears. Assuming that’s the point you’re trying to get across.

            You have completely misinterpreted my intended point in my original post, and in the process made a completely irrelevant counter argument about something that’s just flat out human nature…

            YES, looks have to be brought up – because unlike you, I admit the social industry standard of depicting attractive people and also unshamely know that attractiveness DOES MATTER. Call me a superficial pig or whatever – I wouldn’t expect anything less coming from a person that thinks like you.

  • bruce livingston

    Lol @ all the white knights, I remember back in the day that men used to like to look at women (I’m only 29). What a bunch of pansies the male gender has become. You don’t like it, don’t look at it. It’s obvious what this is, no one is thinking this is real gamer girls, it’s hot girls holding controllers. That’s fine, I’d rather look at porn myself, but hey, some people are probably into it, who am I to judge?

    As for the article, let’s quickly quote a line: “if you want to do softcore porn then do softcore porn but don’t do it under the thinly veiled guise of a gamer girl magazine. That’s an insult to the women out there who actually play games and enjoy them.” WHY NOT???…With this logic, perhaps sexy nurses are an insult to REAL nurses? Or any type of stupid roleplay somehow demeans the actual profession. Because when I watch porn, and I see a woman in a uniform right before she takes it off, it’s obviously a slight at the folks of that uniform’s profession. Yeah, some of the folks here need to find their testicles.

  • blackdreamhunk

    I can honestly say this is very hot

  • Zac

    esto me parece muy estupido

  • InspectorGadget80

    I could care less bout them. all they care bout is more views on their site.

  • Megan Payette

    I’ll have you know that I do NOT game in my underwear… I game in my regular clothing and occasionally my p.j.s but not in my underwear. But in all seriousness this just disgusts me to no end.

  • TJ

    all the gamer girls i dated played in anything including underwear, bras, or nude depending loon our mood at the time if things got heated haha

  • herbspeidel

    On one hand, I WOULD like it to be a “Gamer Girl” magazine with real female gamers and thier views on gaming. I bet any article or thread about games wouldn’t turn into a pissing contest beween fangirls of Sony or MS. I imagine alot of comments about how damn cute Yoshi is tho…my wife and 2 girls love that little bastard. On the other hand, i love games and boobies.

  • herbspeidel

    They airbrushed the shit out of the cover girl…her nipples should be there.

  • girl in the Star Wars shirt

    What upsets me is that
    the writers here assume I am not a true gamer, and was only handed a controller
    to look pretty. I guess people will always assume things, but this photo
    shoot was my idea, I have always been a geek, playing Sega games, Sonic, to
    Zelda to NIntendo, Donkey Kong, Mario and when I got older I fell in love with
    Xbox (Fable, Two Worlds, Call of Duty, Castlevania) a huge lover of rpgs. I
    even like arcades and kick most guys asses at Xmen and Mortal Kombat. You can
    find me at DAVE AND BUSTERS on weekends playing Dark Escape shooting Demons,
    arcades, beating guys at air hockey. I insist that my dates take me to Dave and
    Busters or some sort of video game place. So here is me defending myself
    that I am a true gamer, and will even play against you to prove it:) «i
    understand their point of view, seems these days girls throw on gamer or comic
    book shirts to just be part of the trend, the thing is this is me and always
    has been, I even date Gamers, my ex went to UCF for Digital media to work in the
    gaming industry, and we would have video game dates for 16 hours a week. I
    bought myself an Xbox360 and when I am not busy working, I play for hours on
    end. My favorite game is Fable, I have played good first than evil, I make pies
    when I get in trouble, and try to help out the village people. I get points for
    doing good deeds, and I use melee attacks, ranged weapons, or magic; to
    defeat my enemies to level up. Mortal Kombat and Injustice I know all the combo
    moves, and I get a thrill from dominating my enemy. I also love Mario, but
    my console of choice is Playstation or Xbox, and I will play an RPG
    over Mario any day because I love going on quests and love
    fantasy . Guys this is not assuming you guys are nerds, this is just us women like to dress sexy for you playing games. After a long day of work, how awesome is it when your girl strips down to her underwear and plays games with you, competing against each other can be sexy, and also raise libido. And just so you know I would pick gaming over getting drunk at a club any night. Video game bars are my fave, because I can meet cute guys with the same interests as me., while playing a game of Injustice at the bar.

    • Tardislove

      Aww…Fable, aren’t you just adorable. Sitting here proving your mad gaming skills. I have no idea if you really are the chick in the magazine or not but please spare us the hurt feelings. A woman posing for this magazine is not asking to be taken seriously as a gamer. She is asking to be used a sex tool to get guys off (or girls, whatever your preference is) and a woman doing that is going to be viewed as dumb as and slutty as she appears, especially based on outstanding interview questions. Didn’t they tell you that in the job description sweetheart? Grow up. Own it. Or stop acting like an idiot, find a legit gaming magazine, ask them for an interview and give us some intelligent answers on your gaming interests.

      • star wars

        Whatever I do not have to proof to you that I am a gamer, sure I may not play all the rpgs, but I play some of them and I enjoy them, You guys act as if you have an entitlement to playing rpgs and that models dont play video games. Just because I am a model who is in mens magazines and has done advertisements and billboards does not make me a slut. I am playing a character, I am a shy down to earth girl, who would rather be playing video games, be at an amusement park, go hiking, camping, than go get drunk and party. I am also a student studying Tourism of Management, getting my bachelors in, you calling me dumb is highly ignorant and uneducated. These magazines are the same as lad mags such as FHM, Zoo, Nuts, it does not make it any different,just because we added the theme of gaming element to the magazine, maybe these models featured are not all gamers. I would have loved if they would have asked me more questions about gaming, but unfortunately they did not and I can not control the editor on what he chooses to put in or what questions he asks. I can not verify these other models are gamers, but I enjoy playing video games and thats why I have an Xbox360 and choose to spend my evenings playing Fable, Two Worlds, Castlevania,Assassin`s Creed, etc or be at Dave and Busters of a video game bar.

        • Tardislove

          No sweetheart, saying “proof” when you mean “prove” is uneducated. I was sharing an opinion. Also I didn’t say that you were dumb, I said you shouldn’t be surprised when you are viewed that way when you ladies are giving such fine answers as, “The Flash is my favorite because I like to flash people.” If you ladies are going to act like morons your going to be treated like morons and if you care that much what people think your in the wrong industry honey. Either develop some tougher skin or find a new way to make the extra cash because sitting here and wasting your breath defending this fapping material isnt going to get you anywhere. Also…Tourism Management maybe?

        • Nici

          So you’re admitting this is a men’s magazine and has absolutely nothing to do with video games? Because that’s the entire point I’ve been making.
          I seriously doubt the shy/down bit because YOU’RE TAKING YOUR CLOTHES OFF FOR THE WORLD TO SEE, YOU DERP! Shy people don’t do that but it was a nice try.

          And yes, It is indeed ‘prove’ by the way. You’d think a college level student would know that but I guess when you’re too busy dividing your time between video games and posing for fapping mags (aka porn mags) it leaves little time to extend your vocabulary.

          It very much makes a difference that you’re using the guise of gaming to sell this magazine because this is a world and a hobby that we take seriously and hold dear to us and this magazine makes a mockery of it and besides all of that I am sick and fucking tired of every goddamn thing I do being sexualized. If you want to sezualize something sexualize making a sandwich for a man. Is that demeaning enough for you? We deal with enough bullshit for our gender as it is, you’d think as a female you would be able to grasp that concept. Unfortunately you are more concerned with negative attention and money. If you were a real gamer and a real women you would feel shame and guilt for portraying us in a negative light and objectifying women, let alone disregarding the act of gaming entirely while posing in a magazine supposedly about gaming.
          Also, this is porn. Like it or not, it is pornography. It serves absolutely no other purpose. Men are masturbating and fantasizing. Stop trying to sugarcoat your life choices. You do porn. If you want to pose in a mag don’t choose one titled Gamer Girls unless youre going to talk about games and do it some justice. I would love to see any attempt to redem yourself, representing females in a better light and in doing so you will recieve a full apology from me. Until then, kindly fuck off.

          An attractive female,
          A gamer,
          A woman who doesn’t take her clothes off for money.

    • Nici

      I might actually have believed that had any of it been included in the magazine itself. Seeing as how it was supposedly your genius idea to begin with…
      Spare us the pity party. If you wanted to be taken seriously as a gamer you would have done something to ensure that happened.
      And how dare you claim to love RPG’s and not once mention FF or Elder Scrolls.
      We don’t like to dress up when playing video games because we don’t want our men pawing at us while we’re trying to focus on beating the boss, it’s distracting.

      Do you even Ocarina, hoe?

      • Tardislove

        So much win! Thank you for this. Beautifully phrased!

  • Stiffy

    Hypocrites, LOL! I admit it, I just came all over Lady Sage, yummy! Btw. I’m gaming since 1975, am happily married for over 10 years and also earn more money than any of you. So lighten up NOOBS!

  • Wasteland Dan

    If its a publication made for the entertaining of men based on sexuality which from the look of it, it seems to be…well…the answer would be to request or help produce a female targeted version called gamer guys.
    Men like looking at women, its literally in our DNA.

    When i see a girl post sexy guy ab pics or a playgirl type mag, it doesn’t make me bitter, i just think, good for you, you go girls.

    Although i can sympathize with the feelings caused from the over sexualization of women. I just don’t think sexualized entertainment is going anywhere anytime soon and see no reason to let it bug me.

    Seriously though, this looks like a soft core playboy with a gamer twist…and it seems to be exactly what its supposed to be, sexualized entertainment for men….or women who like women i suppose i should add.

    I would totally support a version for female gamers, Gamer Guy should set right next to Gamer Girl on the same shelf IMO.
    Both in the porn section L0L. 😀

  • Emma

    I totally forgot how us girls that plays games, sit in are underwear or ‘sexy’ underwear to play video games, this is ridiculous.

  • Jen Dingle

    As one of the few female writers on this site, I felt the need to speak up. Thank you for writing this, but I’m rather dismayed that this image has been so prominently displayed on our front page and everywhere this article is posted. If we feel so negatively about it, perhaps another image could have been used? I feel as if it’s giving way more attention to this “magazine” than it deserves….

    While it’s disgusting, I can’t say I feel insulted by this, as I take it for what it is. I don’t think that this what meant to be an outlet for “strong female characters” or meant to be a true gaming magazine. It’s quite clear by the content that this is not meant to be anything to be yet another skin mag. It’s silly, ridiculous, almost taking on a satirical tone, and I like to think that most men and women are intelligent enough to grasp that this is not what most “gamer girls” look like or how they behave.

    What I find more insulting is the term “girl gamer” or “gamer girl”. Segregating male and female gamers really grinds my gears. A person’s sex has nothing to do with their gaming skills. Who really gives a shit? Does what I look like or what I wear or who I am affect my k/d ratio or me kicking your ass in Titanfall? Not at all. I do hope that eventually, that term will just one day disappear from our vocabulary.

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      All I’m gonna say is that it’s tough to tell people that perhaps they should be offended by something without showing them what it is they’re supposed to be offended by too.


      Wow, I am honestly shocked by your response Jen. I figured you would be all
      over this and we would see you proudly supporting Shawn’s take on a
      magazine that hopefully we aren’t talking about this time next year. I’d
      like to call it a skin mag but its not, any kid can buy it. Any
      influential kid that is.

      If we dismiss this kind of trash, then
      perhaps 2 or even 3 more “Girl Gamer” mags surface. How much you want to
      bet this shit stain of a mag will be all over the E3 floor next month?

      I am proud of Shawn for taking a stand and proud of COG for having the balz to post such a piece.

      am also happy you took some time out to read and comment on one of your
      fellow writer’s articles. As writers for the site we all need to
      support one another. The interwebz can be a hateful place…..

    • Exactly. Thank you.

    • rob

      here’s something I hate: when gamers feel the need to use some cliche to justify their credentials.

      I see this unfailingly whenever someone (girl or guy) needs a yardstick to prove that they’re a genuine gamer – you just used it Jen: “Does what I look like or what I wear or who I am affect my k/d ratio or me kicking your ass in Titanfall”.

      Wwhy in hell does everyone feel the need to use their 1337 frakking skillz as ammunition in an argument?

      My girlfriend and I cumulatively play about 80 hours of games every week. But neither of us have, or ever will, be able to place in the top 3 of a Titanfall game, let alone beat anyone. We suck. And blow. But I freakin’ guarantee you we’re some of the most serious gamers in this conversation.

      Protip for girls who are pissed off that you aren’t taken seriously as gamers: don’t try and live up to a stereotype – in exactly the same way that you don’t have to wear sexy lingerie, a tutu or high heels while playing to be a gamer, you don’t have to be like an obnoxious teenager boasting about how friggin’ great you are.

  • TMonkey

    I don’t have an issue personally with this tasteless magazine to be honest. It’s not hurting me and I’m assuming anyone with even a little class isn’t going to bother with it. The women who posed for the magazine did so willingly and I’m sure there is some sort of audience for it. My only issue is how a lot of the public sees gamers at this point…that as a whole (men and women) we are desperate and easily impressed by attractive people. I’d like to think the entire video gaming community has evolved since this was popular belief.

  • Samuel Savino

    Where can I get a subscription to this “Holy Grail” of gaming goodness?

  • Big Ben

    Congrats.. You’re click bait worked.. You got people to come visit you’re site and discuss a topic. I call bullshit on you being disgusted by this magazine considering you display images from the magazine so prominently! The journalism here is a joke.


      C’mon Ben you can do it. Focus on the content and not those distracting photos. I have faith in you Ben!

    • So is “your” spelling. But hey, I’m not the grammar police.

  • Howard Katz

    This is stupid and a ploy to make cash….gamers are gamers wether guy or girl. Probably more guys will read it just to see the girls in their underwear with a gamepad in between their legs!

  • Jaydizz

    Somebody thought, hey naked women and cars work, why not naked women and games, but i dont give shit. If somebody likes this okay, but i don’t. Why add games to boobs, just give boobs, you won’t sell more adding gameing gear, that just insults us.

  • Janco Unorus

    Fugly bitches

  • sdcazares1980

    Hey, I’m all for hot and sexy, but this just screams “desperation” to me.

  • CarOfDoom

    This is just a collection of attention whores who see that gaming and playboy are very popular and say “Hey, let’s mix them both up!” and support sterotypes and shit on the true gamers, male and female.

    They give gaming a bad name. Things like this are the bane of gamers. (If you haven’t noticed yet this is just a rant) This is just plain sexism.

  • defiantone
  • Peanut

    Nobody is going to get this

  • Chrop

    The only people I see who would be interested in this is 12 year olds and people who read magazines like “Zoo”.

  • shivam.chandra24

    great read, also watched RTU video ! u guys nailed it !

  • Slenderman

    >Shoots himself in the head, Are you fucking Serious?

  • Isaiah TriForce Johnson

    I’m personally “meh” about this to be honest but I’m not surprised. Sex sells in every industry, culture, community and society. Its not men being sexist and it not women being foolish. Its a demand being supplied and someone is making money off of it. Don’t look to hard into this people. This believe it or not is normal. It simply means gaming is evolving. This is a outlet for “modeling” so to speak. I will say that its being done wrong because they can fuse cosplay to get the same affect. They could have used a Kill la Kill, (Metriod Zero Suit Samus) (KOF Mia) (Killer Instinct Orchid) (Street Fighter Viper, Cammy, Elena, Rose, Ibuki) (Soul Calibur Ivy, Taki) (DarkStalkers Moriggan) and so much more. At the very least we can find the correlation of Art and Fashion and still be able to sell the sex appeal. This is my advice to the people who are doing this magazine. If you’re going to sell sex…. please do it right. Make a honest buck and not a quick one.

  • Megamatics

    Where is a link to where I can Su…. Harp at this magazine ?

  • delby dank

    I dont like this at all… but more research must be done, where can i get one?

  • delby dank

    I bet you guys didnt know madison ivy is a gamer

  • Akin Turhan

    This is a disgrace to real gamers, and all it this so called “publication” is just furthering the stereotype that
    1. Only anti-social nerds game, with the tape on the glasses
    2. That girls only pretend to game to get guys to buy a new game
    3. That no girls are true gamers
    and to these girls
    1. No gamer would EVER dress like that while playing
    2. No gamer would hold a controller like that
    3. I hope that all the true gamer girls team up and kick your asses for making them look bad, I watch gaming shows, and I do not care if the host is male or female as long as they are true gamers, that know what they are talking about, I hope these sell out whores in this magazine are haunted by the fact that it is girls like them that make it so that females in Tech industries in general are not taken seriously. These girls need to either walk the street or see if the local fast food joint is hiring. I want all REAL GAMERS TO BOYCOTT THIS FILTH, it gives ALL GAMERS MALE and FEMALE ALIKE a TERRIBLE NAME

    • Nick S.

      This from a kid with a perpetual boner who probably has a window on the side of his computer so everybody can see that “sexy” motherboard and liquid cooling setup with all its tidy cable management goings on.

      • Akin Turhan

        1. I am 33.
        2. I am engaged
        3. My gaming pc is custom built with a liquid cooler but is under my desk
        4. I am a member of MENSA
        5. Please stop taking your inadequacies out on others and accusing them of stuff that describes YOU

        • Nick S.

          MENSA…pffft. Triple niner says, “You ain’t got no chili, Leeeroy!”

  • Jean-Michel Vaillancourt

    This magazine will sell like hotcakes and keep selling it. Sex sells, end of story.

  • wrestlefan01

    why do they have to be called gamer girls?? why not just call them gamers? if someone games then they are a gamer in my book..its just like indie games..i i always see the “well its good for an indie game” comment..if a game is great then its a great game point blank..mags like this are sickening..dont get me wrong i like to look at good looking females just as most any other male..but this mag is a slap in the face to any female who plays video games.

  • azizulnur

    stereotype fake girl gamer =_=

  • Dicehunter

    That magazine is right up there with skanks like tara babcock and jessica nigri

  • Kenneth ‘k-dubs’ Williams

    My fiance plays GTA5 all the time. She never felt the need to slip on some lingerie to improve her gaming experience.

  • Kenneth ‘k-dubs’ Williams

    And the controller is not even on? C’mon people

  • Joe

    Rich sent me here

  • smexysexy

    I don’t like how they portray women but i still masturbated.

  • Is there a magazine like this for fishing, too ? I have a friend who is a lot into fishing and is just too embarassed to buy Playboy.

  • Nick S.

    Spare me all the faux outrage. The market will sort it out. If there is sufficient demand from the target audience, it will do well. If not, it’s toast. It’s not like real world gamer girls simply can’t and never do look like that or couldn’t possibly also happen to be models interested in exploiting their good fortune in order to make a few bucks off the auspicious intersection. It’s just people trying to make money; not advance an agenda. People are smarter than some are willing to give them credit for. They don’t want or need to be protected by the self imposed politically correct hall monitors of this world. Just let it go. It’ll all work out.

  • Julien Brightside

    So very very wrong.

  • Alex

    God my releteve a girl gamer she doesn’t get have naked and play minecraft it’s dumb but funny

  • Jd Tagger Ford

    i’m not a girl…just the fact that i’m a gamer i’m actually offended…

  • SlayerofBodom

    It’s a softcore porn mag that loosely touches upon gaming. Do you have the same hilariously bloated sense of righteous indignation about Maxim or Playboy?! Playboy used to cover sports and literature, too! The bastards! How dare they do so by “appealing to the lowest common denominator” and “thinly guised” at that! By the way, it’s shockingly ignorant and Puritanical to claim that sex is the “lowest common denominator”.

    Anyways, I wouldn’t buy this magazine myself, (softcore porn has never appealed to my kinky and bizarre sexual fetishes!) but I find this idiot editor’s brain-dead, repetitive rant unintentionally hilarious.

  • I agree with the editor of Gamer Girls Magazine.