Far Cry 5 a ‘White Genocide Simulator’? You’re Joking, Right?

The So-Called Controversy of Far Cry 5

Controversy is not a new concept in video games. In the last few decades, video games have held some of the most controversial moments in media attention for depicting acts of barbarism that are clearly not acceptable. 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 saw players tasked with slaughtering an airport full of Russian civilians, an atrocity that was globally offensive. 2013 saw an uprising of controversy with the rebooted Tomb Raider series at the implication Lara Croft was about to be raped. The Far Cry series itself has notoriously been in headlines over the years for its arguably offensive depictions of killing indigenous people, rape, and slavery to name a few indiscretions. These are all taboo subjects; the kind of thing we hope to ignore. We can justify that these inconceivable acts are acceptable because they are in a game, much like we can accept them in a movie because it “isn’t real.” So when I heard that the upcoming Far Cry 5 is a title again surrounded by controversy I had to wonder just what terrible and heinous act could possibly draw so much criticism. What I found left me shaking my head in disgust, not at Ubisoft, but those who find this game personally offensive.

For the first time in the Far Cry series, the game is set in the good old USA. While it isn’t new for a video game to have Americans as the villain – although it is rare – a number of people have taken to the internet to express their outrage at Ubisoft for making the antagonists a fundamentalist cult based out of Montana. An excessive amount of people are screaming bloody murder about boycotting Far Cry 5 because it is offensive, as the cult clearly has heavily Christian overtones. How do I know that this is the problem? Because the people up in arms and red in the face are the ones who are telling us explicitly that they are Christian and find this cult offensive.

Now, I can understand if you are offended because – much like the Modern Warfare 2 airport incident – the objective of the game was to murder innocent people. If that was the case, absolutely, it’s going too far. But this isn’t a group of Christians; this is a group of faith-based cultists. The only reason you should have to be offended is if you are one of them. Are you hunting down those who don’t share your faith, taking prisoners, murdering people, and carving words like “sinner” into their flesh? If so, then by all means, be offended. But those who are losing their minds on the internet need to take a step back and ask, ‘Why am I offended?’ Clearly, you can tell the difference between those of devout Christian faith and a murderous cult, regardless of its founding, right?


Ignore the fact that this is literally just a damn video game for a second; if this is an insult to your faith should this not motivate you to stop the cultists? To play the game and stop the fictional people who are offensive? Would you boycott the game if it was any other religion? These are the bad guys and every story needs a villain to despise. So why all the outrage? Because for once it’s a group of American, White, faith-based extremists. A sizable portion of the proudly god-fearing USA has been consumed by hate-mongering of anyone that isn’t a white Christian male. The hate-filled rhetoric is based on fear, and people find comfort in what they know – their faith. So when the idea of that faith’s purity could be questioned it is immediately offensive, regardless of how loosely related it may be. Video games have been populated for ages with villains of varying races and religions, notably the ones easiest to consider evil based on current and historical events: Russia, Germany, Vietnam, even fictional foreign people – so long as they aren’t American.

This cult in Far Cry 5 is unique in its design, but not its concept. Cults like this have existed and do exist to this day, but people are not offended that they exist; they are offended when they are confronted with their existence. These people screaming at their monitors can’t accept that the words of their faith could be molded for evil and they believe somehow the rational thing to do is yell at Ubisoft for showing them a legitimate and very real kind of villain. The distinction between Christianity and this cult is the same as Islam and the Islamic State: one is a legitimate faith practiced by a number of people who only wish to lead a good life, and the other is an isolated collection of radicals bent on the suffering of others. Seeing as so many people can’t tell the difference between Islam and the Islamic State, maybe it isn’t a surprise that these same individuals are offended by seeing a fictional radical faith very loosely related to their own beliefs.

Far Cry 5 Screen 1 (700x)

This level of outrage has rarely – if ever – been reached surrounding the ethnicity and faith of a video game villain, and it’s pitiful to see so many people are offended as if they identify with the antagonists. This is the least controversial decision in the Far Cry series and it’s appalling that people are more upset about the fact these are white American pseudo-Christians than any previous race or religion depicted as evil. Those who are offended over Far Cry 5 probably didn’t give a second thought to any villain that doesn’t fit the white/American/Christian mold. It shows the true colors of those who can’t get off their high horse and see this for what it is; a fucking video game.

  • DC

    I agree that it’s stupid to get upset over a video game, but man… your article is a perfect example of why people get upset. You are obviously predisposed to judge and criticize religious, white males. Quote – “A sizable portion of the proudly god-fearing USA has been consumed by hate-mongering of anyone that isn’t a white Christian male.” It’s not the game that’s the problem, it’s people like you who will interpret the game as affirmation that religious, white males are the “hate-mongering” villians that you so desperately want them to be.

    • drjonesjnr

      Well said

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      You’re confusing all the fantastic, amazing white Christian males with the portion that take it to further extremes. Pretty sure that’s exactly the point. 99% of them are upstanding men but to say that there aren’t white Christian males out there who align with horribly awful rhetoric is flat out untrue.

      Islam is not ISIS…
      Christianity is not David Koresh and his wacky cult or Timothy McVeigh…

      • frank pik

        you are arguing apples and oranges because bluntly put the scales of the 2 are grossly disproportionate – “white extremist” cults are a phenomena but they are dotted sparsely and not intertwined while Wahhabist Islam is not only a significant portion of Islam across the world as a whole but it’s also the one that’s growing the most aggressively because of all the investment in expanding it both in the Islamic and Western world.
        Now take into consideration that the best that we can see of a Christian cult in action IN REALITY is their own compound while the rest has to be done through fiction – this is their only level of control…none in society. Meanwhile Islam is not only religion but IT IS also the government because the Koran is just as much a political guidebook. This is why even if you don’t see outright support of ISIS, etc – you do see plenty of support (sometimes the majority of support) to even some of their most heinous actions.
        I can go on for literally pages and pages but to cap this, the problem the status quo has with the “angry white American” is really their support for constitutionalism which is most often a central theme – they want government out of every aspect of private life while Islam is the exact opposite since they to expect their religion to impose its will on gov’t and then in turn, for gov’t to impose and enforce that will on the people.
        I am not saying this opposed to Islam but pointing out that the Muslim immigrants – legal or otherwise, who actually come here with intention and respect for what this country is about is shrinking more and more and the peaceful, reformed, and modernized counterpart to the religion is shrinking even faster. It’s marginalized. It’s being increasingly oppressed into submission.
        Side note: I’ll add that McVeigh’s story is more along the lines of Sam Fisher’s in “Splinter Cell: Double Agent” than what the media sold us and gets more and more interesting when you see people who were routinely pushing that “white extremist” narrative through the last administration and tied in to failed gun-running schemes like “Operation Fast & Furious” also coincidentally being in the Department of Justice and sanctioning operations McVeigh was involved with called Op: PATCON (Patriot Conspiracy)

        • Shawn Petraschuk

          No offense meant, but I’m not really reading any of these novellas you’re submitting. A rough skim tells me I may need to go grab my tinfoil hat if I really want to join the party but I’m not really sure. If you could sum any of this up with a tl;dr, that would be super helpful.

          (I’m kidding, I don’t actually give a rip)

          • frank pik

            SO in other words – you have no argument so you’re going to take a coward’s way out and resort to ad hominem and character attacks without knowing crucial things like extent of education, practical/life experience, occupation, what I look like or what I may/may not believe in, etc.
            Gee…have never seen that before

          • Shawn Petraschuk

            Sure, we can go with that. It’s been a slice, Frank!

          • frank pik

            what a convenient way of escaping being put in a corner and made to look like an ass

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            are you stupid….? Did you ACTUALLY say that Wahhabist Islam represents a significant portion of islam..!?

            You kids and your internet hugging is embarrassingly stupid lool… you know literally nothing but you all regurgitate garbage statistics from someone else that’s made them up to try to justify your own stupidity… Wahhabist islam doesn’t even represent 1% of the overall islamic population but you’ve called it ” a significant portion of Islam” You’re just stupid for that statement point blank period.
            now you want to argue so can i ask you the second part of your statement claims that “it’s also the one that’s growing the most aggressively”.. now where the HELL did you get this ‘statistic’ from or are we once again playing the game of plucking pure garbage from the air..? loool

            Listen my guy.. im not here to berate you or even name call but if you dont see that people like you are part of the problem when you spout this dangerous rhetoric, then the world will remain as shitty as it is. literally damn near everything you regurgitated earlier is either misinformation, exaggeration or even potentially out of context but you want to be the one telling people they dont know what they’re talking about but you only want to talk facts…?

        • Joshua Spears

          Great response. Looks like the kid couldn’t handle truth bombs and facts and decided to cut his loses and cut out.

          Classic leftist tactic. Keep speaking truth, mate.

  • Josh Morland

    Finally a voice of reason of this game!

  • Stick figure

    The symbol of this murderous cult is a shining cross. That is all I need to know to hate this game.

    • Reeves

      Another murderous cult, the Ku Klux Klan also uses a burning cross as thier symbol. Extremist groups don’t speak for the practicioners of the religions they hijack. This game mirrors that type of hijacking, which happens all too often. I can’t wait to see how they play this out.

      • frank pik

        Actually what the game has accurately portrayed is that the hijackers are always hijacked and used by someone higher up…the KKK not being an exception. In FarCry this usually was the CIA pulling their strings until your character is exploited and convinced to indirectly mop up the mess the was made by being pointed to who the bad guys are. In groups like the KKK, there is no end to how many plants to which the feds have embedded as everything from informants to useful idiots they can use to position political attacks, to the otherwise harmless wind-up toys they attract to a honey-pot to which they can later use as a trophy for media attention, budget increases, and worst of all as an excuse to push legislation.
        I guess we can leave it for another discussion as to how many crosses are now burned by the people who try to portray themselves as the victims of it in order to smear others.

  • drjonesjnr

    Look I’m not even religious but the fact that the artwork for the game depicts the last supper and has crosses will be very offensive to Christian people.
    But I’m sure the Christian people won’t got out and bomb/shoot the devs of this game like some other races/faiths do/did .
    I wonder what race and religion the writer of this article is ?

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      Let’s take a look… oh hey, a white guy!

      And the fact is that various other races and religions have been the ‘bad guys’ in tons of other games and no one has said boo about it. I’m about 99.9% sure that’s the point. Cherry picking your time to be offensive as soon as it’s based on something you identify with but not caring when the same thing happens to others.

      SJW this, pandering that… oh hey, that’s about me… I AM SO OFFENDED NOW!!

      • drjonesjnr

        I’m not offended at all mate.
        I’m not religious.
        I Don’t believe in fairy tales.
        I find it unbelievable how far some people take religion especially them Muslims.
        Them guys should really educate themselves.

        • Shawn Petraschuk

          I hate to say it but it sure seems like you wear your racism loud and proud, though.

          • drjonesjnr

            It’s just a word white snowflakes use that.
            But just to be clear all religion what ever colour you are is utter nonsense imo. Just some are more extreme than others

          • COGconnected

            Lol… so racist he can’t even admit it.

          • Jamie T

            Well not really since when was being a Muslim a race?

          • frank pik

            what’s more laughable that as a “mod”, you wear your bias right on your damn sleeve. Rather than “lol” like a f***wit, try actually debating someone with an actual argument…which is the whole point of a forum

          • Erin S

            The very fact that you have targeted one specific group of individuals to “explain” your point is ridiculous. The very fact that you use a very broad brush to say “them” is what is really offensive. It does indeed show off your discrimination. You are saying you are not racist, but where are the white individuals you are calling out? If you are talking about how poorly Muslims treat their women, maybe you need to look at the history of white women as well. As far as I can tell women were not allowed to vote at the same time as men. In fact, this right came way later. You cannot judge a whole religion or race just based off of how you understand the Koran or what you see some Muslim men doing. That is like looking at an old white man and saying, “Oh you must be a pervert, since you look like all of ‘them’.”

          • frank pik

            What is racist about it what he said? You want “equality” then we should be allowed to discuss subjects equally…but we’re not, and its subjectivism is based on what lobbyists say is and isn’t fair game.
            …And surely there is nothing racist on your end in implying that a global faith and lifestyle is limited to skin color, right? RELIGION ISN’T A “RACE”, DINGUS

      • frank pik

        Here’s the difference – beating up on this particular group is now flavor of the week and is wholly sold through everything from the media to politicians through educational systems and in some cases even through the very religious institutions themselves that it’s OK to beat up on this particular group of people and on top of that, there is a gross disparity to the level of depth that we saw in how those narratives were sold to us on either particular group. One was sold to push pre-scripted invasions while this one is pushed to politically and socially suppress an entire demographic with “guilt by association” shame tactics as a part of a multi-faceted approach to marginalize their opposition to “progressive” agendas.
        On top of that you’re putting words in someone’s mouth as to whether or not they were offended and when without any context. Some people out their may see things beyond black/white or a simple talking point someone on TV tells them to have and you’re making that argument against based purely on your insanely myopic and limited knowledge or authority on a subject.
        You’re trying to belittle someone on a subject that has not only a insane number of tiers to them, but also ones that are heavily orchestrated by people that are unbelievably better at planning and manipulating than you are. To expand on the above point as an example – Islam was demonized as a pretext for war while at the same time the most oppressive faction of Islam, who happened to be enabling the terrorism also was striking deals to help it expand globally. These were deals struck as large as between governing bodies like the OIC and the UN down to bilateral agreements done in smaller scales between individual governments, down to unilateral agreements such as when US, UK, etc. military might was used to enforce that will on another country through war which ultimately directly benefited that branch of Islam. Despite what you saw in media post-9/11 and all the “islamophobia”, does it make sense in retrospect to find out that mosques in Western countries EXPONENTIALLY GREW in number when the religion as a whole was supposedly being demonized in those very countries?….Or does it start to make sense that just one of many particular aspects of what was being sold to us through mass propaganda was actually a red herring and a pretext for an agenda to flood all these very countries with “migrants” and “refugees” who coincidentally happen to believe in that very sect of Islam that was striking deals for all these invasions and sponsoring terror?

  • bruce livingston

    Nothing should be off limits, and it is just a game, but let’s be real here. If this were done with a similar premise in Deerborn, Michigan (would never happen, but lets pretend that double standards don’t exist), then the same people defending this would be losing their shit about that.

  • sergio

    This game is going to be awesome. Good thing I have no affiliation to any religion at all. So I know I’m going to enjoy this game.

  • datdude

    No, they’re not joking. But the explanation is that they’re stupid, hence why most of that type of outcry could only come from Trump supporters, who are pretending to be Christian when their beliefs and way they live screams anything but Christianity. Stupid is as stupid does with that lot. Bunch of wackjobs.

  • GrimmyReaper

    You know, I don’t know the controversy, haven’t even seen the trailer.
    And I don’t have to. I was hoping after the “controversy” of Far Cry 3 and 4 and many other games before release, people would not jump to conclusions before launch, but nope.
    This industry will never change will it?

  • Aaron blanchard

    Articles like this are advocating for more hatred toward the white man. Since Hillary lost the election SJW disease and terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa have managed to turn our society upside down. Campus directors have given in to ridiculous demands of destroying free speech and teaching confused rich kids that the colour of your skin should either make you a racist or get you a handout and a protest
    from cuck white folks who are ashamed to live in their skin. I’m so glad Far Cry 5 did what it did. Let me choose to make my character off who I am, young, educated and yes,Caucasian and proud. If this makes me a racist then so be it, I don’t listen to other races when they spout out the racism card. I’ll kill you whatever colour you are and since our games have been infected with politics and crying snowflakes of every nature, I’ve always said the same thing. Take responsibility for your life. Don’t blame me for your crimes and incarceration. Don’t blame me for something that happened 50 years ago because some invisible force seems to stop you from getting to the top. Blame yourself. Without white folks in America today, you’d be living in squalor and filthy ghettos that today cannot even be walked through if your not of colour. This is the hard truth of today’s world. And that’s why people call me a racist online because they hate the truth. Say it loud!!! I’m white and I’m proud. White lives Matter!!! Saying these things is not racist because other races say the same thing. My white brothers die at the hands of the law just as much as any race, so don’t tell me we’re privileged. So if I see you in a game, turn the other way, starting running fast cause I’m killing you today. God bless America and God bless President Trump.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Don’t care. People are way too sensitive. Make one about the crazy Christians, the crazy Muslims, and the crazy atheists.

    Then punch everybody who whines in the kidneys.

  • frank pik

    You’re mimicking the usual progressive tactic of arguing against the most extreme possible straw man argument that nobody is really making in an effort to gain a high ground to dismiss the actual one. What people have a problem with – and I’m sure you know this, is that Ubisoft are possibly parroting the leftist notion of the “white extremist/supremacist” that’s bounced through the echo-chamber purely as an effort to smear their political opposition and as agitprop to rile up their most gullible demographics.
    I say “possibly” as devil’s advocate since we are without knowing the full story – considering Far Cry had a recurring theme of CIA meddling/supporting the villains and in the end, the good or evil of certain characters becomes greyed and subjective…BUT it is a fair argument because Ubisoft has had a history of this going back to Splinter Cell Double Agent and most recently before this with Rainbow Six.
    Any publicity can be good publicity but it can also backfire spectacularly when people smell an agenda being whore out and propagandized to them – this happened to Target, Audi, Starbucks, ESPN, and so so many others…and it will be Ubisoft holding the bag if it does, and not who duped them into trying to stealthily indoctrinate people through games.

  • RabbitFly

    This is a non-controversy in my eyes. This is a piece of fiction. People can create fiction around any idea they please. Advocating for anything else is in direct conflict with the idea of freedom of speech.

  • John

    SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE CUCK. THIS WHOLE ARTICLE IS #SJW BS. This game is anti white anti religious and anti family, all things the jews are trying to destroy.

  • Bryan Zoink

    Point is, they took ISIS and made them into Christians. UBIsoft doesn’t have the balls to portray islamic terror so they take the easy target. I won’t buy it.

  • likeyeahwhatever