2016’s Top 10 Most Disappointing Games – The Only Top 10 You Don’t Want to Take #1 In

2016’s Most Disappointing Games

This year was a fantastic one for video games. From Overwatch and Uncharted 4, to Doom and Dark Souls III, there was definitely no shortage of amazing titles. Now with that being said, there were also a bunch of games that could have done way better… WAY BETTER. While the reasons for being on this list vary for each of the titles, they all ended up being disappointing in more ways than one. Here are the 10 most disappointing games of 2016.

10 – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

While many people may expect Infinite Warfare to be on this list, it is not for the reasons you might think. Infinite Warfare is one of my favourite shooters of the year, and is a solid game receiving more attention now, a month after release, however, it has not done as well as it should have. There has been a significant drop in player base, especially PC players, and the sales in the first week following release were way down from previous Call of Duty games. Infinite Warfare sold 1.8 million copies in the first week, while Black Ops 3 sold 6.6 million! As a result many fans writing the franchise off following the trailer reveal for the game, it came as no surprise when the poor launch sales were revealed. Considering the potential Infinite Warfare had, the poor sales upon release and drop in player base cannot be overlooked, landing the game as our 10th most disappointing game of the year.


9 –  Watch Dogs 2

Don’t get me wrong, Watch Dogs 2 is a million times better than the original game, however, it is not without its own issues. Ubisoft took players criticisms largely into consideration and illustrated that Watch Dogs 2 fixed everything that was wrong with the original game though it seems players just weren’t as invested in the series this time around. Even with the huge changes to the game, especially the setting, story and protagonist, the sales were way lower than originally anticipated. Although the big game changes were received well, Watch Dogs 2 was also plagued with multiplayer issues at launch that weren’t fixed until the week after. On top of that, and because of it, the first DLC of the game was delayed by a week. It’s unfortunate that Ubisoft didn’t take the extra time before launch to ensure that all game features were running smooth.


8 – Titanfall 2

Much like Watch Dogs 2, the release of Titanfall 2 was hugely anticipated, however launch sales were atrocious. The sales data has been released revealing that there were less than 400,000 copies sold worldwide. Within a short month following release, Titanfall 2 was on sale for nearly 50% off, speaking volumes to these poor sales. Respawn Entertainment turned the Titanfall experience of the first one into a better game, adding a single player campaign among other welcomed changes, however even with stellar reviews, Titanfall 2 seems unable to gain the necessary traction to really take off following the flop of the original Titanfall game.

Titanfall 2

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