The Legendary FPS Titanfall 2 is On Sale for Only 3$

The Titanfall IP Finally Found the Number 3!

Just glancing at Titanfall 2’s Steam review page will tell you everything you need to know. “I feel like no one can understand how good this game is until they play it for themselves.“, says one. “Its like… GREAT! i LOVE, And i mean i REALLY LOVE. this game!” says another. “The Titans do in fact, fall.” adds one particularly-insightful review.

That steam page will also clue you in to another key nugget of info. The game is ridiculously cheap right now. People absolutely adore this game at full price – and right now, it’s 90% off.

If you want a spoiler-free recommendation, here’s one from me: One level of Titanfall 2 has a gameplay gimmick so good, that even people who discuss the game in-depth refuse to spoil it. It’s just known as “that level”; a ‘you’ll know it when you play it’ sort of thing. Something like this is usually reserved for narrative twists, but Titanfall 2’s story is… better left unmentioned, to be honest. Could gameplay alone create an experience worthy of a title so prestigious? …Yeah, I was skeptical too. Trust me: it absolutely lives up to the hype. And you know what? “That level” isn’t even my favorite of the campaign.

New Titanfall 2 Mech titanfall-2-pilot-meets-titan

Oh yeah, and there’s also giant mechs too. You know, in case that tickles your fancy.

If you’re looking for more in-depth analysis of Titanfall 2, our full review might have what you need. The game more than earns its 89/100 score, and in my opinion, is a bit of an understatement. Maybe shaving 90% off that price tag would have tipped the scales? Only one way to find out.