Gunheart Looking to Elevate VR FPS To New Heights

Victory Through Superior Firepower (And Cross-Play)

The key to a successful VR game is accessibility. This is also the key to a good FPS title. Gunheart is aiming to be both, launching today for PC and VR systems across the board. You can even pick it up for Windows MR! Assuming you can actually afford such a thing.


Gunheart is an FPS that trades in mobility and verticality. Also in customization. You can’t go rocketing around an enormous level, guns blazing, without looking super rad. That would be silly. VR players will rely on the old teleportation trick, while non-VR fighters have the more traditional methods of locomotion at their disposal.

Virtual reality gaming is getting bigger every year, but the install base is still not big enough for the smashing success most companies are looking for. That’s why it’s so encouraging to see games like Gunheart aim for total compatibility and cross-play in order to bridge that gap. If you bought an Oculus Rift while your friend owns an HTC Vive, there’s still not a lot of games out there that play well with both systems. Gunheart is out now for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows MR and regular Windows PC systems. You can check out the trailer below for a good look at the action and like, what kind of hats you can acquire.

SOURCE: Press Release