Pogs Are Coming Back As An AR Mobile Game

They’re Bringing Back The Original Designs, You Guys

Compton Technology wants to bring back Pogs. You know, those weird collectible bottle-cap type things that kids got so hooked on they were banned from schools? Sadly, the actual cardboard collectibles are remaining in the history books/dustbins (as far as I can tell). However, the game just might find new life as an AR mobile game.

Pogs AR mobile game

As someone who lived through this ridiculous phenomenon in the early 90’s, I have a certain perverse fondness for stuff like this. The game itself was a rudimentary form of back alley gambling. Kids would put up portions of their collection and play to win even more of them as a result. You can imagine the actual schoolyard brawls that resulted from this going south. There was even a certain violence to the game, with a lot of flipping and slamming needed to secure victory.

With the new form of the game relegated your phone, that frantic violence is gone. The gambling for Pogs is still present, however. As far as the AR element goes, you’ll be able to scan real-world objects for in-game rewards. If you watch the video below, those objects appear to Pogs, or at least the slammers. Damn those things were cool. They had this weight to them that was truly alluring. If you’re interested in resurrecting this ancient 90’s artifact, you can donate to the Indiegogo campaign here. It’s worth noting that the designs for these Pogs will be the same ones you remember (assuming you were alive then) from the game’s original run in the early 90’s. Be still, my heart.

SOURCE: Press Release