Shadows Die Twice NOT Bloodborne 2, Reveal at E3

What do You Mean, “NOT Bloodborne 2?”

After a short teaser at the 2017 Game Awards, many fans believed From Software’s new “Shadows Die Twice” project to be Bloodborne 2. According to ResetERA user and industry insider Omnipotent, we were wrong.

Omnipotent ResetERA

Larry David

As per the images above, Omnipotent claims the title will not be “Demon’s Souls adjacent,” meaning it’s not like any of the Souls games we’ve seen so far. That knocks out Bloodborne 2 pretty much immediately, as Bloodborne is considered by many to be a limb of the Souls body as opposed to being its own beast.

Throughout the thread, Omnipotent also reveals that Shadows Die Twice will not be exclusive to any platform (further ruling out Bloodborne 2). They also explain that Bloodborne 2 is reportedly not in developmentĀ at allĀ and that From Software has other projects which will be revealed “later.”

Omnipotent’s tip-toeing around who gets to show off Shadows Die Twice is leading many to believe it’ll be at Microsoft’s press conference. Others insist that due to From’s positive relationship with Sony, it’ll make an appearance at their conference instead. The most common theory and/or hopes about the titles content right now is that it will be a reboot of the classic Tenchu series, which hasn’t seen a new game since Shadow Assassins in 2009.

Naturally, take all of this with a grain of salt, and add some of the details to your E3 bingo card.

What do you think Shadows Die Twice could be? Are you still hoping it’s Bloodborne 2 against all odds and reason (like me)? Let us know in the comments! While you’re up, why not check out some other E3 leaks for that bingo card, like this Star Fox Racing Game, or the potential Pokemon RPG rumored to launch this year.