Pokemon Go Finally Adds Its First Shiny Legendary Pokemon

In Case Anyone Needed More Reason to Play Pokemon Go

Multiple players have reported that they have caught a shiny version of Lugia after they defeated the Legendary Pokemon in a Raid Battle. Whilst Pokemon Go has a lot of different shiny Pokemon already in the game, this is the first time a shiny Legendary Pokemon has been found.

Westboro Pokémon Go

Shiny Pokemon have been around since the games themselves. Though they’re held in high regard due to their rarity, they’re simply a different version of that Pokemon with their colour variant changed to something more fanciful.

Twitter user cannonjason posted a Tweet showcasing his collection of these rare Pokemon, all of which have a very high CP. The image below shows that Lugia’s shiny version is pink and white, instead of the usual blue and white.

This seems a very fitting Legendary Pokemon to get its shiny version, as Lugia was the first Legendary Pokemon to appear in Pokemon Go, which appeared last summer. Lugia had replaced the local Rayquaza for Raid Battles this month, and will be sticking around until the 2nd of April.

Lugia also has a new ability called Sky Attack that it will be using as its charge move. Pokemon Go have increased Sky Attack’s base damage from 70 to 80, so it seems Lugia will be packing much more of a punch than before.

As with most shinies and Legendaries, your best chance of catching one will be to attend as many Raid Battles as you possibly can. Though Lugia will always appear as a non-shiny during the actual Raid Battle, it isn’t until after you see the catch screen to see whether or not it’s a shiny.

Will you be chasing down Lugias in the hopes of snagging a shiny version? Let us know in the comments!

SOURCE: Twitter