Hark, There Be Vikings: Northgard Coming out of Steam Early Access

The Viking Strategy Game Will Pillage Its Way to Our PCs on March 7th

The popular Viking strategy game, Northgard, will be coming out of Steam Early Access on March 7th, the developers, Shiro Games, announced on Monday. The game has already sold over 600,000 copies, according to the developers.

Shiro Games also announced a new, 11-chapter campaign titled “Rig’s Saga” that will be included in the official release. In the campaign, players will play as Rig, a warrior who sets out to avenge the death of his father, the High King of the Vikings. Rig is also investigating the theft of an object called the Regal Horn. Rig’s journey brings him and his trusted friend, Brand, to a region known as Northgard.

Rig is also in pursuit of a thief named Hagen and will also look into the circumstances behind his father’s death.

“New friends await to be made, and foes to be slain, but Rig’s journey to Northgard will make him discover a much greater threat than Hagen, as well as the dark motives behind his father’s assassination,” read an official press release.

In the newly-released trailer above, Rig narrates about his arduous quest in Northgard and there’s gameplay shown of players fighting various monsters. The game’s settlements and regions are also shown.

The release of the game will allow players to build their own settlements, choose between six Viking clans, expand their territory, play against either their friends or the game’s adjustable A.I. and achieve different victory conditions such as Conquest, Fame, Lore and Trading.

Northgard will cost $29.99 / € 27.99 / £23.79 on Steam when it launches on March 7th.

What do you think of the gameplay shown so far, strategy game aficionados? Has the footage piqued your interest in this game? What about this new campaign that is coming with the game’s release? Tell us in the comments!