Add ‘Wild West Shootout’ To The List of Available VR Experiences With High Noon VR

Fill Your Hands, You Son of A-

If you’re part of that elite cadre of VR gamers out there, just know that you could be engaging in wild west gunfights right this second. High Noon VR is the brand new cowboy dueling sim coming your way via Octobox Interactive.

High Noon VR

You play as a sheriff in a small town mostly populated by outlaws. There are regular citizens as well, probably, but they’re wildly outnumbered by the various masked marauders. Beyond this introductory conceit, the gameplay is focused on taking out bad dudes in the coolest possible ways and beefing up your arsenal as you go. More points and/or reward monies are given for things like headshots and kill streaks. Also if you’re not into this whole ‘guns’ thing you can use harpoons instead?

There’s a host of different rabble rousers to fill with lead, dynamite and cold steel, all of whom get much harder as you progress. Were there gatling guns in 19th century America? I feel like there were, though it still seems almost unfair to bring one of them to a pistol fight. High Noon VR is out right this second on Steam. The game is fully compatible with the HTC Vive as well as the Oculus Rift, leaving with a couple of options for your brightly-coloured six-shootin’ escapism.

SOURCE: Press Release