You Can Get In On the Battlefield 1 Beta Early – Here’s How

The Battlefield 1 Beta is coming, and we’ll show you how to get in early

We’ve just finished telling you about the announcement of Battlefield 1 and its glorious trailer. And now coming right behind is word that the Battlefield 1 Beta will be coming later this year. So when do you sign up for the Beta? Well, officially, it is not open yet. But, thanks to Gamespot, we’ve found a way to get your name in early to guarantee your place.

How do you do it? Simply go to EA’s Battlefield website here and sign up to become an EA Battlefield Insider. By doing this, you’ll get a subscription to the newsletter, in-game rewards when the game releases, exclusive content, a sneak peek at news, and – here’s the best part – early access to the Battlefield 1 Beta.

Battlefield 1 Beta

So far, we don’t know when the Beta will happen, but we do know the game itself launches October 21st, 2016. Battlefield 1 will take the franchise to World War I, in a move that has been well-received so far. We will keep you updated every step of the way.