The Top 10 Best Video Game Trailers Ever Made

Top 10 Best Video Game Trailers

For those of you that somehow don’t already know, COGconnected has this fancy little weekly podcast known as Press X To Podcast (feel free to subscribe here) and each week the hosts of the show – Paul, Shawn, and Trevor – are tasked with putting together an indisputable perfect list; a list of perfect choices for whatever the topic may be. The gang put their heads together and made a list of the perfect video game trailers; trailers that were emotional or groundbreaking for their time, something that stuck with them. While making a list is all well and good, seeing it play out before you is just a little better. With that in mind, here is a list of the Press X crew’s indisputable top 10 best video game trailers in no particular order.

So that is our list. Got any games you think deserve to be on the list? Was there a particular trailer that just blew your mind? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below. Hell, if you somehow disagree with our indisputable perfect list, why not head over to the Press X Facebook group and give the guys a piece of your mind? You could also send them an email to have it read live on the air at