The Random Awards 2021 | Press X To Podcast, Episode 4.22

The Random Awards 2021

On the last podcast of the year, the gang gets together to tie a neat bow on 2021. We have sifted through the titles that have been released this year and made our list of best games. We have the best co-op games, best Roguelite games, and all the rest, but this episode of Press X To Podcast explores the marginalized lists.

Most sites will ignore the coveted title of Loopiest Game, but COGconnected will not turn a blind eye. In the category of Loopiest Game, we take a look at the best games that make use of the time loop concept. However, the winner of this award goes to 12 Minutes.

press x to podcast feature

The next award is dedicated/inspired by our own writer. It is called the Alexander Thomas Outrider Award, which goes to… Alex and/or Outriders, it’s kind of unclear. This award recognizes the one who shows the most unbridled love and enthusiasm for Outriders. The crew of Press X To Podcast would love to hear from you about which titles you think got snubbed for this award.

Press X To Podcast would also like to recognize Psychonauts 2 for having the Best Teeth and GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition for being the Hottest Garbage of the year. Not every award could have a clear winner every year, so maybe you could come up with some categories we should take a look at for next year’s lineup of games.

Thank you for keeping it locked on COGconnected.

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