Star Renegades Could Become a New Indie Classic

Star Renegades Video Preview

Massive Damage, the indie developers behind Halcyon 6, have learned a lot from their first game, and their new follow-up Star Renegades has the potential to become a new indie classic. Star Renegades is a strategy RPG about an invading force of inter-dimensional robots who are slowly conquering and consuming the multiverse. In our time previewing the game hands-on, we found it to be something that’s shaping up to be pretty special. To watch our full preview video of the game, just hit play on the video below.

Star Renegades has a large procedural generation element that means you will not have a linear story experience. Your story will not be the same as someone else playing the game. That’s because of the multiverse angle. Though it wasn’t deeply explored in the build we got to play, you can already see the fun of characters meeting their alternate selves, or coming face to face with a version of a loved one from a different universe.

Combat in Star Renegades could very broadly be described as JRPG-inspired in that the heroes stand on the left side of the screen and the enemies stand on the right side of the screen, frozen, waiting for orders to be given. The twist arrives in the form of a timeline. Every turn, you know how long each move will take to execute, and you know when the enemies plan to move. If you’ve played these sorts of games, you can see the strategies unfolding. Team up a quick character to get in little low-damage attacks, setting up a bigger hero to lay in the wallop. You can even knock enemies right off of the timeline, stunning them. That system intersects with a rock-paper-scissors sort of system, where different characters are more (or less) vulnerable to certain kinds of attack (like flurry, heavy, or area of effect). On top of that, every character has a combination of shields, armor, and health, which all obey different rules.

Star Renegades already features great writing that is well-paced and effectively conveyed, and the art and sound design are just as impressive. Star Renegades feels like the perfect follow up to Halcyon 6. With experience behind them, Massive Damage is making a game that impresses in ambition. Now we’ve just got to keep up with its development to see if it continues to impress in execution.

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