I’m Optimistic But Concerned About Halo Infinite

Let’s Talk About Halo Infinite Video

On Thursday, Microsoft finally revealed gameplay for Halo Infinite, set to release as a launch title for the Xbox Series X. We were able to sit down and speak with 343 Industries after the big reveal to ask our burning questions about the upcoming game. Hit play on the video below to check out our full thoughts and impressions on Halo Infinite so far!

During our talk with 343, we established that Halo Infinite was not played on an Xbox Series X during the gameplay on Thursday, but instead on a PC. Presumably, the gameplay is still representative of what we will see on the Series X, and the setup should remain the same.

The developers view Halo Infinite as a sort of spiritual rebirth; a return to what originally made Halo such a compelling game-changer for the genre. There is a focus on discovery and flexibility, and a definite arc back to Halo: Combat Evolved, where everything was fresh and you never knew what the game was going to throw at you or what would await around every corner. It was not specified how large the new map would be, but we did confirm that the Halo Infinite map will be larger than both Halo 4 and 5 combined.

Though it was not said outright by the developers, we could not help but feel that Halo Infinite is styled similar to Destiny. The focus on exploration, finding new equipment and using the environment in interesting ways to affect how you approach combat has a very familiar feel to Destiny. The developers did tell us that the game will have things to do other than combat, though we currently have no word on if there will be proper side quests or not.

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