We Played Rage 2 At PAX West And It Totally Ruled

Rage 2 Gameplay & Commentary

PAX West has come and gone, which means fresh reams of gameplay footage are starting to pour in. COGconnected’s away team saw many, many things this year. Things like Rage 2! Although it’s the same demo as the one that was shown at E3, Alex and Garrett’s shining enthusiasm more than makes up for that. In addition to some excellent over-the-shoulder footage, this latest clip also comes with some color commentary from the COG crew members in question.

Like any good Bethesda production, Rage 2 so far looks high on polish and low on extraneous padding. Bethesda’s various studios (they have so many under their wing now) have proven they know a thing or two about first-person shooters, with this footage of Rage 2 easily affirming this pedigree. While we’ve had plenty to say about Rage 2 already, this is one slick shooter that’s likely to inspire a lot more verbosity in the future. Alex and Garrett had a lot to say as well, but it’s safe to say their time with this demo totally ruled. Check out the video for a better look at some of the amazing abilities, excellent mechanics and exceptional presentation of Bethesda’s upcoming apocalyptic first-person shooter.

Rage 2

Rage 2 is coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One next summer.