Press X To Podcast: Episode 14 – Mad Dad & the Rad Lad

COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast – Episode 14

After much confusion about whether or not Trevor had actually died, he returns once more alongside Paul and Shawn as they have a few drinks and discuss all things gaming! This week on the podcast Trevor jumped into Far Cry 5 and beat the game, prompting the guys to talk about the series evolution, however it can still stagnate after a while. Shawn yet again played Adventure Pals and jumped into Yakuza 6 – only to learn he is NOT a fan, and Paul played… nothing. Literally nothing.

The guys talk about the rumors behind BioShock 4 in development, Shenmue 1 and 2 getting the remaster treatment, and Konami’s continued downhill slide of disappointing games and ideas including the announcement of Castlevania on iOS. Cliffy B made an ass of himself in public – again – and with Trevor’s return we got to hear the oh so wonderful company plug once more! All of that – plus some choice words about God of War and Nintendo Labo, not to mention this weeks Perfect List – are just a click away. Crack open a drink, toast with the boys, and enjoy Press X To Podcast: Episode 14 – Mad Dad & the Rad Lad.

And with that, this weeks podcast comes to a close! Of course, what would be the end of a successful podcast without an update to the Perfect Tally?

The Perfect Tally This Week: 40

The Perfect Tally So Far: 213

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