NHL 22 Video Review – Skating Uphill

NHL 22 Video Review

The latest in EA’s longstanding hockey franchise has arrived. Unfortunately it may not be exactly what fans were hoping for. It’s getting easier and easier to tell that this game has been around for years. Of course, the skating is silky smooth and the new Frostbite engine does wonders for the graphics and overall game design. It’s also the only hockey game on the market and for those of you who are mainstays of the series, you’ll probably still want to pick up the game and play it until the next one arrives.

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So what exactly are the pros and cons of scooping NHL 22 up? We’ve definitely done a deep dive on just what’s good about the game and what still needs an overhaul. It’s not terrible, it’s just not overly excitable or enthralling either. If you’re curious which of your favorite consoles to pick it up for, check out our video review below. We definitely did not skimp out on the details.

Here’s a brief snippet from our written review, “EA Vancouver has made fantastic use of the DualSense controller, astonishingly enough producing one of the better uses of its gimmicks yet. You feel the blades of your skates digging into the ice. You hear your coaches yelling at you to change lines. The goal horn blares, and arena music pumps through the speaker. All of this helps to create immersion in a way that’s never been felt in the NHL series.”

So what do you think about NHL 22? Let us know in the comments below.

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