Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Video Review – Sleeper Hit of the Summer

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Video Review

When first revealed, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle didn’t look like a promising game at all. A turn based game isn’t exactly something young gamers are looking for, right? Wrong! Boy, we were dead wrong about this game and we realized that when we got our hands on the game at E3 this year. The demo we played at E3 didn’t cover much of the story but it did show off the battle system and a version of an overworld map. Even with the limited scope of the demo, we were begging for more.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

As time went on and more of the game was revealed. It became a serious contender for Nintendo and Ubisoft. In particular, the combat system proved itself to be deep but accessible, drawing comparisons to XCOM. While the game may not be the Mario RPG some expected, the game is undoubtedly solid and performed much better than the public anticipated. Without further delay, check out our Mario + Rabbits: Kingdom Battle video review:

Our man James reviewed the game last month and had this to say: “Maybe this game doesn’t look like chocolate and peanut butter at first glance. Perhaps the Rabbids seem too spastic, or the genre doesn’t interest you much. Maybe you’re worried you’d be buying a children’s game. Put all of that out of your head. This is a fast-paced tactics adventure with a deep combat system and a charming cast of characters. Beyond the regular campaign, there’s challenges to master, perfect scores to wrap up and collectibles to hunt down. Every level represents a puzzle with multiple solutions. The presentation is an absolute delight, and the play style is perfectly suited to the Switch. If you’ve any interest in turn-based tactics, Nintendo or Ubisoft games, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a slam dunk.”

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