We Talk About Maneater’s Progression, Characters, and Story in 13-Minute Video

Maneater: The Very Hungry Shark Show

Surely you have waited your entire adult life for a glimpse into the life of a shark. If you have, the wait is officially over as Tripwire Interactive has finally released Maneater and yes, you can become a literal maneater, just as Nelly Furtado envisioned. Okay, well maybe she didn’t envision the disembodying and tearing of human flesh at the hands of a shark in water or on land. But, I mean, now that we’ve got it, why wouldn’t we all want to give it a go? And if you’re curious about the game, you can check out a bit of visceral gameplay below.

If that wasn’t enough to sate your blood lust, then we’ve got another treat for you. The boys of our very own Press X to Podcast, Paul, Rhett, and James, have a lot of thoughts about Maneater, which is the very first of a brand new genre: Shark PG. And of course, while they talk about the game there’s a bunch of fresh, new gameplay to check out too. In fact, it’s over 13 minutes of gameplay and interesting tidbits about the game.

If you’re curious about Maneater and want to know a bit more, here’s a brief snippet from our review, “In a world where everything is so damn serious, Maneater is a refreshing breath of air. It’s a short, fun, memorable romp through the life of a shark that’s better written than a lot of what comes out to today.” You can check out the full thing right here.

Maneater is available right now for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. So what do you think about the new game? Have you taken a dive into the bloody waters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And if you’re looking for more witty banter from the Podcast trio, you can check them out on Spotify too.

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