Little Nightmares II: Solving the Doorway Portal Conundrum

Little Nightmares II Puzzle Walkthrough

The creepy and absurd world of Little Nightmares II is full of traps, hazards and puzzles. Not only do you encounter strange and horrific beasts, but you also have to solve haunting puzzles that may leave you perplexed. So join us as we explore the secret behind the doorway portal conundrum!

It happens to us all, we play a game and hit a point that we can’t get past. After hours of trial and error, we often resort to smashing our pads on the nearest surface and turning off the game. However, we are here to help you in your time of need. So pick up that controller, glue the debris back on and load up chapter 5 of Little Nightmares II as we show you how to solve the doorway portal conundrum.

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