Top 5 Leading Cloud Mining Websites in the World

Cryptocurrencies emerged with two significant and simple aspects one of which is blockchain and the other is mining. People have been mining cryptocurrencies ever since Bitcoin originated as a mineable crypto. But over time, the concept of crypto mining has transformed into something that’s no longer recommended because it’s risky.

This new and advanced method of crypto mining is known as cloud mining. Cryptocurrencies are all about introducing new solutions to old problems, crypto mining took a new form and re-emerged recently. Cloud mining is when you can mine cryptos of your choice by paying a certain amount for the mining contract and receive the profits. Before cloud mining became a thing, crypto miners needed to buy, configure, implement, and maintain their mining equipment to have a steady process.

This concept is creating a buzz in the market for all the good reasons and some of reasons are:

  • Cloud mining frees you from the physical and financial pressure of handling expensive mining rigs. But now, you can simply choose a cloud mining website and pay for a mining contract to start.
  • An individual who uses cloud mining for cryptos does not need to monitor the progress and pay heavy electrical expenses to keep miners running. By doing so, you no longer need to pay for the electricity consumed for mining, say Bitcoin.
  • When you buy a mining contract on a cloud mining website then you receive a share of the total earnings of that mining service provider. The fact that you’ll receive daily and consistent payouts makes this a lot profitable.
  • Using cloud mining websites gives you an opportunity to mine several types of cryptocurrencies but what’s more is that you’ll be using just one device. The overall benefit is that you can diversify your portfolio and minimize the risks associated.
  • Cloud mining benefits you immensely because it is not done by individuals but a whole community. Such websites want more people to use their service and so they offer packages, referral programs to help you earn more.

Cloud Mining Considerations

Now, you must be thinking if this is even safe and profitable to do so? Then the answer is yes. Cloud mining is totally safe and highly lucrative. But as there are far too many options available out there, it could get confusing to choose the right cloud mining website. The following considerations can help you out.

So, let’s break down some important considerations to make.

  • It’s best to switch to cloud mining when you have found a reliable cloud mining website. So for that you need to research a lot to get an idea of what works for you.
  • If you’re new to using cloud mining websites then it helps to opt for a reputable cloud mining service which has positive reviews and active customer service.
  • Cloud mining is not for those who are not comfortable with losing because it requires quick thinking and risk management. So it’s better to dip your toes into this only if you can take it.
  • A proven track record is not usually seen in the case of cloud mining websites. This is why they should be prioritized when you are just starting out.

A comprehensive look into world’s 5 best cloud crypto mining websites

  1. FancyCrypto

FancyCrypto is a world-class cloud mining company which has quickly created a community of users. It currently has more than 360,000 users all over the world as the platform prioritizes mining globally accessible. FancyCrypto offers a feature-rich platform which is available as mobile web app and website.


  • FancyCrypto is a legitimate crypto investment company based in London since 2016.
  • It is a fully regulated entity which provides cloud crypto mining options to millions worldwide.
  • The onboarding process of FancyCrypto is kept easy and quick for those who are interested in cloud mining.
  • Hundreds of thousands of FancyCrypto users choose to trust their services due to its proven track record.
  • This service has been providing all of its user’s daily income by operating with complete transparency.
  • FancyCrypto is also a highly affordable cloud mining service that starts at only $10 for a day. But what separates FancyCrypto from others is having a no hidden fee policy that saves you from unnecessary maintenance and electricity fees.

Why we chose it?

Security: we chose FancyCrypto as the No. 1 leading cloud mining service due to its high-end and rarely seen security features. Not only is this platform legal but also highly secure to handle several users at once. The platform uses EV SSL encryption to guarantee that data is encrypted and never shared with 3rd party.

Packages: Another reason for choosing FancyCrypto is its multitude of packages available for users having different budget. It offers diversified mining packages which are affordable to both novices and lucrative for most experts. FancyCrypto mining packages start with:

  • Free cloud mining – The contract is for a duration of 1 day and has a contract price of $10, with a fixed return of $10.15
  • Experienced project cloud mining, 2 days contract, contract price of $100, with a fixed return of $105
  • Ethereum cloud mining, 5 days contract, contract price of $300, with a fixed return of $324
  • Litecoin cloud mining, 10 days contract, contract price of $800, with a fixed return of $944
  • Dogecoin cloud mining, 15 days contract, contract price of $1500, with a fixed return of $1938.75
  • Ethereum classic cloud mining, 30 days contract, contract price of $3000, with a fixed return of $4806
  • Bitcoin cloud mining, 60 days contract, contract price of $5000, with a fixed return of $11580


Referrals or affiliate programs are not new for cloud mining websites but FancyCrypto has changed the game with its affiliate program which has the following advantages:

Firstly, it requires no cash deposit from an affiliate as they can earn commission from referrals without actually spending a dime. Next up, an affiliate will receive up to 3% of referral reward per each purchase that a referred user makes on the FancyCrypto platform. Additionally, you don’t need to wait for payments as this website facilitates instant payment.

Ultimately, these referrals can unlock unlimited earning potential for every user which is something rarely found in crypto mining.

  1. Hashing24

Hashing24 is another popular cloud mining platform which serves users in EU and many other countries. It supports BTC with stable hash power and has a daily payout model for its users to get paid on a regular basis. So far, this platform has been around for 10 years in the cloud mining market.


  • It flaunts a stable hash power which matters for everyone who wants a steady income from mining.
  • The customer service of Hashing24 is continuous and active round-the-clock every single day of the week.
  • Other than its usual packages, Hashing24 offers daily payout options, weekly promotions, etc.
  • Interested individuals can use the free demo mode to stimulate profits to get familiar with everything.

Why we chose it?

We have put Hashing24 on number 2 on this list because even though it is a 10-year old cloud mining website which has mined 1000s of coins, there is a lot of room improvement. It only supports Bitcoin for mining contracts at this moment but it uses Bitfury, the leading in the industry for mining data centers.

  1. ECOS

If you are looking for a cloud mining website with low-fraud risk then ECOS is the one you should consider. Their service is available in over 100 countries around the globe where people trust it for Bitcoin cloud mining. Its daily payout model makes it one of the best cloud mining websites.


  • ECOS offers an option to customize contract purchasing process.
  • This one offers a low minimum withdrawal fees to users.
  • ECOS has a mobile application for both iOS and android.

Why we chose it?

We have chosen ECOS partly due to its high-performance and partly due to its large-scale user base that exceeds 100,000 global individuals. While ECOS is mainly known for its DeFi capabilities but on the mining front, this is a potential service provider.

  1. Bitdeer

The capability of a mining platform can be perceived from the hash rate it offers. Hash rate is the measure of mining power in the world of crypto. BitDeer has made to this list due to its high potential hash rate market.


  • The list of supported coins on BitDeer includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, etc.
  • It has a hash rate market and a cloud hosting of miners for all users.

Why we chose it?

This cloud mining service has made to our list because it has a rare hash rate market featuring multiple brands. This enables an investor to either buy/sell hash rates among each other to profit from it.

  1. StormGain

StormGain doesn’t require an introduction to crypto miners as it is a well-known for its simple and user-friendly dashboard.


  • It has an iOS and Android mobile app.
  • The payout period of StormGain every 30-40 minutes.

Why we chose it?

Choosing StormGain is a no-brainer due to its intuitive app, user-friendly dashboard.

Bottom Line

FancyCrypto is your best shot as a lucrative cloud crypto mining website because it is not only secure, profitable, but also offers a sustainable income through referral. As cloud mining opportunities get more popular and become more of a preference over tradition mining, we could be seeing unparalleled growth in the above-mentioned websites, especially, FanCrypto.