Mortal Shell: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Let’s Talk About Mortal Shell Video

Mortal Shell is a brutal ARPG that pays detailed homage to the first Dark Souls game. You play as a nameless muscle mannequin who takes over the empty corpses of defeated foes, or shells, in order to survive the hellish world.  In our video below, our Press X To Podcast crew discusses the game in length, sharing their opinions about all of the good and bad aspects of Mortal Shell. Hit play to hear the conversation now!

In our review of Mortal Shell, we sum up the game to be an even harder Dark Souls, but with a massive aesthetic glow-up compared to the 2011 release of the first game. Our review states: “Your character looks amazing, the animations are fluid, and the world is quite beautiful. Even the basic enemies are detailed enough to keep you immersed. Nasty bosses can be heard growling and snuffling from a muffled distance, while the voice acting is clean and crisp. When a bear trap crushes your leg for the sixth time, it still sounds great. You can practically hear it embedding in your bones! While the gameplay is frustrating by careful design, your suffering will at least look and sound terrific.”

Mortal Shell

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