Battletoads Video Review – Beat ‘Em Up Hilarity

Battletoads Video Review

Battletoads has been a lapsed series since the 90’s, but there is now a competent successor that mixes the signature whacky humor into the classic beat ’em up formula. Rash, Zitz, and Pimple have finally returned to the gaming scene, bringing with them a brand new Battletoads experience. The iconic characters from the early 90’s keep the laughs coming with self-deprecating humor, fourth wall breaks, witty putdowns, and ironic observations. If you’re now officially intrigued, hit play on the video below to watch our full review of the game.

The best way to enjoy the Battletoads experience is through co-op with up to two other friends. The gameplay of this Battletoads title is more similar to beat ‘em up titles such as Charlie Murder or Streets of Rage 4 than the original NES title. You can choose between Tadpole mode (easy), Toad mode (normal), and Battletoad mode (hard) in the latest Battletoads title. Tadpole and Toad mode both offer invincibility options, but you’re on your own with Battletoad mode. Fans of the original title might want to automatically start with Battletoad mode considering the difficulty of the NES classic, but it’s definitely possible to fail in Toad or Tadpole mode as well. Changing the difficulty will change the health and strength of enemies, as well as the length of respawn timers. This Battletoads presents a great challenge for those looking for a game similar to the original without excluding gamers who are more interested in the story, puzzle-solving, or combat.

The latest installment in the Battletoads series has given the original trio of Toads a glow up from the NES original. It has a fun story, great soundtrack, disgusting sound effects, beautiful visuals, and radical characters, but the gameplay does suffer mostly from questionable button mapping. Despite some of these concerns, Rare Studios has finally released a competent successor for fans to enjoy after roughly twenty-nine years of waiting.


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