EA Sports UFC 4 Video Review – A Glorious Knockout Punch

EA Sports UFC 4 Video Review

I can still remember the days when UFC as a sport seemingly popped up out of nowhere into the mainstream. Our most aggressive sports of the day were wrestling and boxing, but suddenly here was a new competition that combined fighting styles from all over the world into an all new and brutal exhibition. UFC picked up steam and became a household name, so developing a video game was a no brainer. Their first foray to consoles left a little something to be desired, but as the franchise grew into a global phenomenon, so too have the video games learned from their mistakes and progressively made bigger and better experiences for the fans to test their mettle in the octagon. UFC 4 has proven itself as the best entry in the series by far, but you really ought to check out our video review below to find out why.

UFC 4 expands into new territory with all new arenas to fight in including backyards and fantastic underground arenas.Players can now preform intense training regimes between bouts to get stronger and enhance their character, however training too hard can leave you sore or even broken, giving you a disadvantage in the octagon or possibly having to postpone a fight. Takedown mechanics, ground and pound, and all combat features have been tweaked and refined for a new, more fluid gameplay experience. This includes the new submission system not unlike features we have seen over the years in the WWE franchise.



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