Gears 5 Gameplay Video: Escaping Lahni is Intense and Thrilling

Escape! Gears 5 Lahni Gameplay

While at E3 2019, we got some hands-on time with Gears 5’s brand-new multiplayer mode called Escape. Escape is exactly as it sounds. Your goal is to take down hordes of grisly creatures as you and two other players race against the clock. We played the mode and have the full gameplay video here:

This new mode can be played either online or in local co-op. As someone who always enjoys a good local co-op experience, this is a great option.

As we mentioned it’s a race against the clock and a race to get to the end of the hive. Ammo is sparse and runs our quick so you really need to make your shots count.

Gears of War 5

According to PC Games N, Escape features three class-based characters. Scout Lahni has an electroblade that lets her stun and damage enemies. Support Keegan creates a zone where allies can regenerate ammo, and tank Mac holds an impenetrable shield in front of him, in a manner that sounds similar to Overwatch’s Reinhardt. Each player can level up each character individually, equipping skill cards that can be upgraded to ensure that they’re even more useful in battle, and allow you to express your mastery with a particular skill-set.

As a reminder, you get the Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack as a bonus offer included with your pre-order or for Xbox Game Pass members who play before September 16.

For the fan who wants it all, Gears 5 will also have a Jack Drone Collector’s Edition, which includes the Ultimate Edition plus a premium collector’s box, a special collectors booklet, an exclusive in-game Jack skin and a functioning flying Jack drone for $269.99 USD at GameStop stores in the US.

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