Devil May Cry HD Collection Video Review – Does it Hold Up or Does Nostalgia Blind?

Devil May Cry HD Collection Video Review

The Son of Sparda is a series protagonist that feels neglected in recent years. Despite receiving a mixed reboot, Dante has now had the Devil May Cry trilogy remade for HD not once, but twice, as opposed to receiving a new game. The trilogy itself is a cult classic, not only for its character and art design but as a cross-section of the development of video games over the years. By playing through this broken and corrupted world that Dante is forced to save, you can witness the development of video games – not to mention have fun massacring horrible demons. The HD collection has been given an update treatment to make it run at 60 fps as well as a few minor tweaks but is otherwise a port – a bit of a loose use of the term HD.

While these games have been considered cult classics and must-play games, the series itself is 17 years old, so the question we have to ask is: does it hold up to the test of time or is it just nostalgia? Check out our video review below to see what we had to say on Devil May Cry HD Collection.

Devil May Cry HD Collection is the second time the DMC trilogy has been ported to more up to date consoles. The series follows protagonist Dante, the Son of Sparda – a powerful demon who slayed forces of darkness and sealed the netherworld to protect humanity. Dante is a cocky demon hunter that uses a combination of acrobatics, swords, and his unlimited ammo guns Ebony and Ivory among a host of other unique weapons as he faces off against his brother Vergil.

Each game has a slightly different take on Dante but the plot remains the same – almost everything you encounter wants you dead. That proves exceedingly difficult as Dante’s demon side makes him considerably impervious as we regularly see him get shot or impaled in cutscenes with little to no effect. While the series is a fun trip down memory lane and it does remain playable and enjoyable, it does so only just.

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Devil May Cry HD Collection is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information, check out the game’s official website.