Shut Up Kratos is Not Dead; New God of War Gameplay in Glorious 4K Looks Amazing

God of War 4K Gameplay – Combat, Exploration, Upgrading

When Kratos first stepped out of the shadows at E3, the resounding cheer from gamers was deafening. With the return of everyone’s favorite demi-god of rage, Kratos has been making waves and the fans are eating it up. Every single moment we can glimpse him in his 4K glory with that epic beard is another moment we can’t peel our eyes away from the screen. God of War is almost upon us.

We had the opportunity to send an extremely lucky member of the COGconnected team – and believe me, we are all incredibly envious – to go hands-on with God of War and see what it is all about. This is already far more text than you want to read because we both know you came here for one thing and one thing only. Without further adieu, check out this raw 4K gameplay footage we captured.

God of War is a soft reboot of the iconic PlayStation series, following after the events of God of War 3. Kratos now finds himself in a Norse-inspired realm, older and wiser, with an epic Norse beard and a son who seems to have inherited his rage. The story trailers we have slowly been fed have lent us small bits of information and the game is winding up to a tale of epic proportion, as God of War is often want to do. New to the series are closed in, third-person camera angle and slower, heavier combat. This not only reflects the more character driven arc and Kratos being less about blind rage and more calculating, but also his new weapon – gone, sadly, are the Blades of Chaos, instead replaced with a large, magically imbued axe which Kratos can throw and summon back to him, along with a collapsing shield.

God of War is set to release April 20th, exclusively on PlayStation 4. For more information, check out the games official website.