Battlefield V Video Review – A Buggy But Promising Battlefield

Battlefield V Video Review

With Battlefield V’s release date of….you know, anywhere from November 9th to the 20th, depending on your subscription service or purchase method, the anticipation for this one is palpable. There’s a lot at stake for the franchise with this one, from holding onto their values of bringing diversity to the playable companies to just plain making a fun, new experience for their players, one that utilizes the classic Battlefield Grand Operations modes with class and skill. How does Battlefield V hold up under scrutiny? We find the answer in the video below.

There’s lots of good and bad to parse from that review, huh? On the plus side, and it sure is a big plus side, the content that Battlefield V is promising, with continued and evolving support as players explore their new surroundings and battle in endless operations, promises to keep dedicated fans around for a long time. With completely free and many compelling maps, the gameplay stays interesting and fresh enough while you take out your enemies around the graphically gorgeous debris of World War II. On the other hand, the occasionally game-disrupting glitches need fixing, and relying on your randomly matched team can, as always, be a toss-up. But hey, this one looks like it’s got a nice long shelf life.

Battlefield V

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