Hitman 2 Video Review – Glorious Stealth Experience Right on the Mark

Hitman 2 Video Review

Hitman 2’s future wasn’t always so certain with the separation of IO Interactive from Square Enix, but thankfully it has still hit those digital (and a few physical) shelves with the highly anticipated sequel. No longer episodic, Hitman 2 could be any number of things, from compelling spy thriller to intense stealth experience, but most importantly: is it fun? Watch our video below to find out.

Hitman 2 combines stealth with Hollywood spy film for its gameplay and narrative, allowing the player to embody Agent 47 on his mission to uncover the truth to his past. Players have a sandbox environment (and, for the most part, a gorgeous one at that) to work with as they explore the different branching paths they can take to complete their missions. With lots of live content updates and huge amounts of customization, plus the Legacy pack that allows new players to experience the first game with new mechanics, there’s a ton to love about this game, even if there are a few graphical hiccups. And hey, who doesn’t want to experience the world through Agent 47’s eyes?

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