Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review – Packs a Powerful, Compact Punch

Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review

I’m no novice when it comes to PC gaming gear and peripherals, yet somehow every time I get my hands on a new mouse or keyboard I’m excited. Especially when it’s a hot-off-the-press, brand spanking new mini keyboard from ROCCAT! The developer has just released the Vulcan II Mini and it packs a very powerful punch. Given that it’s just 65% the size of a normal keyboard, that’s extra impressive.

The last small keyboard that I used was the Apex 3 TKL by SteelSeries and I loved it. Before opening the box I expected the Vulcan II Mini to be approximately the same size and weight. But ROCCAT doesn’t mess around when they say something is mini. The Vulcan II Mini is the same at 65% of a full keyboard, missing the number pad and still having the arrow keys however out of the box it’s both thinner and lighter. In fact the dimensions are 12.75 X 4.57 X 1.22 inches and it weighs just 500g without the cord. As a result this is going to take up next to no real desk space and allow you larger mouse movements.

Sometimes Great Things Come in Small Packages

The braided black USB-C to USB-A cord is the only cable and it can be detached for storage and a cleaner look when not in use. I wish there was an option to go wireless with the Vulcan II Mini, as it feels like a bit of a missed opportunity with so little wiring. Not a huge gripe but it would’ve been a nice option to have while using this keyboard long-term.

Before plugging in the Vulcan II Mini the keyboard itself is made of black and clear plastic keys and a black aluminum backplate. The only real color that pops is the red that shows through the Titan II Optical switches. The keys are soft and smooth and the keyboard as a whole has little flexibility, is solid and feels very durable. I have no doubt this keyboard will stand the test of time.

There’s a long rubber strip on the bottom of the keyboard and a smaller rubber strip and two rubber feet to match to ensure it doesn’t slide around, regardless of how aggressive you like the play. There’s also 2 keyboard feet that offer 2 different heights while gaming. I’ve never had a keyboard that offers this and it’s a nice little extra here.

Some of the keys have symbols on them, illustrating that they have smart key functions. Like turning up the volume or brightness on the keyboard. Or being able to simply switch between the 5 Swarm profiles on the keyboard. Without any pre-programming, these profiles simply change the RGB. Just press the function button and whichever button has the icons (the right tab button for the profiles) and it’s as easy as that. It may not be the most convenient while in game but it’s very quick once you get the hang of it.

Amazing Light Show

Once plugged in the Vulcan II Mini is a bright and fun light show, using AIMO lighting technology. It’s great from the get-go but it’s even better once you get your hands on the customization offered in the ROCCAT Swarm software. A simple change to the profile light options and suddenly the light show can be a couple different options. These include the snake, which has the light move row by row down the keyboard, or ripple that’s extra reactive to the buttons you press. Besides the default AIMO, ripple is my favorite to use because it feels just a bit more interactive.

Even though the Vulcan II Mini is plenty snazzy already it also features customizable keycaps that can be swapped out. This is great for anyone who loves to make their keyboard truly their own. And this isn’t the only customization option available with this keyboard either. That’s all thanks to the previously mentioned Swarm Software. You can play around with various RGB lighting, key mapping, macros and keyboard sound settings. While the sound settings might seem like an odd one you can change between having no sound to clicks from a typewriter or a sci-fi beam. You can play around with all the different settings to find your match and that’s part of the fun right at the beginning.

Killer Performance

Now aside from all of the cool tricks and customization the Vulcan II Mini has, it also performs well. It offers up a 1000 Hz polling rate and no noticeable lag at all. The keys are well-balanced overall. It’s quick, accurate and provides insanely satisfying clicks. They’re springy, yet just stiff enough. And despite the tactile clickiness offered, typing isn’t quite as loud as mechanical keyboards. This means that the Vulcan II Mini finds a happy medium and will keep the peace in every household!

Unless you really want to stick with a full-sized keyboard, the Vulcan II Mini gives everyone a few really enticing reasons to scoop it up. Or at the very least, to have it on the top of the list for the holiday season. It offers top-tier performance, incredibly satisfying key clickiness and a ton of customization. Plus it’s just pretty to look at. Without a doubt, the Vulcan II Mini is a steal at $149.99 USD.

***The product was provided by the manufacturer***

The Good

  • Super stylish
  • Satisfying clickiness
  • Small and thin
  • Lots of customizability

The Bad

  • Doesn’t have wireless option
  • No number pad