Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset Review – Wishing for a Bit More

Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Up until very recently I had never heard of Victrix, which as it turns out is an engineering and design company looking to create the best accessories for Esports professionals, gamers, and streamers alike. Which seems like a fairly gargantuan task if you ask me. But when I was asked to review the Victrix Gambit wireless headset I was definitely excited to see what the San Diego company had to offer. As it turns out, the Victrix Gambit looks and sounds fantastic but it would’ve been awesome if it came with just a bit more for its price.

If you’re a fan of purple, strap on those rocket boots and prepare for take-off. The Victrix Gambit is a stunner right out of the box. Sure, it’s rocking a more old-school design, with actual dial knobs and no detachable mic, but it’s still very much a sexy headset. Its all-black frame has highlights of purple throughout, including the stitching on the vegan leather earcups and even along the length of the microphone itself. Both are a nice touch.

It’s All Personal Preference

The Victrix Gambit is lightweight, yet durable with just the right amount of flexibility to not feel like you have to spend a couple hours breaking it in. The build quality is high. In addition to the usual height adjustments, it also allows for some more sideways adjustments. So thankfully anyone who has a wider head can feel comfortable wearing it for extended periods of time. That said, those who wear glasses or who have larger ears may not find the leather earcups as comfortable for the longer gaming sessions.

On the left earphone you’ll find the power button, the mutable and incredibly bendable flip-style microphone (you can bend it in any direction you want without any concern you’re going to break it) and a mode button. This mode button doesn’t do much in the way of affecting your gaming experience but it does offer three different options for voice monitoring: low, high, or no voice monitoring. This is all personal preference for how you want to hear your own voice while chatting with friends. This left earphone also has the battery charger and headphone jack plug in. There’s only one thing on the right earphone: a sound dial. You’ll definitely notice the difference in volume here but the Victrix Gambit doesn’t allow you to break your eardrums from the maximum volume level. Which I guess was the responsible move to make here. Plus, with the noise canceling ability it actually amplifies all the sound inside.

The Victrix Gambit features up to 16 hours of battery life, which is about average. Thankfully you’ll have two options before the battery dies. The first is to plug in the ample 6 ft cord to transform the headset into a wired one and the second is to use the Micro-USB charger to give it more juice. I wish this charger was the newer USB-C that’s taken over the market, especially since most of my other devices use it, but thankfully this Micro-USB is included with the headset. Just a small thing in the grand scheme of it but considering this is a new headset it was a bit of a surprise. I do love the ability to change the Victrix Gambit to a wired headset in a flash though. No extra hassle necessary there. And that’s exactly what you want when you’re in the middle of a gunfight.

Smooth Sound

The smooth, undisturbed game experience transfers over to the sound of the Victrix Gambit as well. While the microphone isn’t the best its bidirectional noise cancelation ability works well to create clear communication between you and your teammates. The leather earcups lend themselves to an almost full noise cancelation experience. On top of that, small and large sounds alike can be found with pinpoint accuracy, which is great regardless of the game you’ve jumped into. Need to hear the footsteps in Call of Duty Vanguard? What about the acceleration of all the vehicles in Forza Horizon 5? The Victrix Gambit handles it all with ease. This is where the headset truly shines.

Unfortunately, when you have noises that are heavy in Bass it overwhelms all the other sound and you lose the pint point accuracy that makes this a stellar headset. The Victrix Gambit would benefit immensely from having additional software to help fine-tune this. Hell, even having an EQ button might solve some of these issues. Sadly these just aren’t an option. And they need to be, especially for $129 USD.

The Victrix Gambit is a good headset overall. It has great noise cancellation, superbly accurate sound and is all-around pretty comfortable. It just doesn’t offer enough at its price point for that Esports experience it sets out to accomplish. Plain and simple, while this could make a decent headset in the long run, the market is saturated with plenty of headsets for less than $100 that simply outshine it.

***The product was provided by the manufacturer***

The Good

  • Looks fantastic 
  • Noise cancellation
  • Pinpoint sound accuracy

The Bad

  • Bass overpowers entire sound profile
  • A little too simple
  • Micro USB charger