RIG 800 PRO HS Review – A Premium Blend of Performance and Style

RIG 800 PRO HS Review

A good headset should sound great, yes. But it should also look cool. The RIG 800 PRO HS feels like high tech gear. This is space age, super slick, movie set stuff. Even if aesthetics don’t matter to you in the slightest, Nacon‘s 800 PRO series is worth checking out. The actual sound of these cans is equally slick, and they feel pretty good too.

Super Slick Set of Gear

The first thing I noticed was the design. The headset is lightweight while still feeling substantial. You need a tiny bit of heft for things to feel right, and the HS line nails that balance. The size adjustment is managed by clicking the sides in place. This means less wear and tear than something that slides or sticks. You’ve also got a flexible secondary band that runs between the ear pieces. The mic tucks away neatly when not in use. The button controls feel solid and responsive. Plus, the whole rig fits my oversized head with ease.

RIG 800 PRO HS Review

While I love brightly colored gamer gear, there’s something refreshing about the black and grey color scheme. Even if you’re not a professional player, the 800 PRO line makes you feel like one.  All of the aesthetic touches on display are also highly functional features. The dual headband looks slick, as does the adjustable sizing slots. Yet both of these elements are pure business. It’s a delicate mix of cool and practical that I truly appreciate. This extends to the charging dock, which is extremely handy. No more clumsy cords draped all over your living room! But the dock also looks totally sci-fi, complete with a massive red light panel.

All of this is meaningless if the sound is bad, however. Thankfully that’s not a problem here. Games come through crisp and clear. Multi-layered audio is nice and distinct, and the music comes across perfectly rich. Furthermore, you’ve got two separate volumes for game and chat audio. This is perfect for maintaining that balance mid-session. Unlike the look and feel, the sound is adequate rather than exceptional. There aren’t any serious problems, but nothing really stands out, either.

Looks Great, Sounds Fine

Which is fine! I’ve never used a headset in this price range that rose above this level of sound quality. There’s just more important things to be concerned with. Such as the battery life, which is advertised at 24 hours. I can’t confirm this exact claim, but my set lasts quite a while. There’s a somewhat sultry voice that chimes in when you turn them on. One of these audio notifications concerns battery life, and I’ve yet to hear it warn me about the power running out. Unless you’re playing for several hours every day, you’ll probably always have enough gas in the tank, so to speak.

Headset shopping isn’t always easy. There’s a ton of brands out there, along with a host of factors to consider. You might have second thoughts about a particular set, worried that their appearance hides some sort of flaw. With the 800 PRO line, you don’t have to worry about that whatsoever. These headphones are exactly as cool as they look. Aesthetics and function are perfectly paired here. Every sweet feature serves a specific purpose. Beyond that, the sound and the battery life are both dang decent for this price range. You won’t be recording any podcasts or pop albums with this mic, but that’s okay too. Your teammates can hear you loud and clear, and what more could you ask for? If you’re looking for your next PC or PlayStation headset, look no further than the RIG 800 PRO HS.

***A retail version of the product was provided by the manufacturer***

The Good

  • Headset looks extremely cool
  • Comfortable construction
  • Excellent battery life

The Bad

  • Sound is very adequate
  • Mic is pretty standard