Welcome to ParadiZe Is Out Now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

Own Zombie Companions in Welcome to ParadiZe

Developer Eko Software and publisher NACON are happy to announce the launch of Welcome to ParadiZe today along with a new launch trailer. This amazing title brings together action, crafting, RPG, and survival, and is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam.

Welcome to ParadiZe

ParadiZe is not your typical place, it’s infested with zombies. Thankfully, the ingenious survivors at the Tusk Group are testing hacking helmets that can control the zombies that have overrun the world. With this newfound technology, all the zombies became invaluable allies.

This doesn’t mean they are smart or anything, and they can be unstable sometimes. And it is up to you to give them the right instructions. Turn them into farmers, or make them defend your base, or you can even carry them as your bodyguard.

Upon your arrival, your first task is to construct a camp, a cozy haven that you can enhance over time. While ensuring comfort is essential, remember to prioritize defenses. Incorporate various traps and fortifications to fend off the relentless zombies, who persistently hound your every move. Maintaining the camp requires diligence, yet if you disdain such mundane chores, fear not: as previously mentioned, the zombies willingly do all the dirty work.

Invite up to 3 friends and embark on a journey of survival with your zombie companions. Explore various flora and fauna that will surprise you at every turn and meet a cast of colorful characters. There are many forgotten treasures and salvage materials to discover that as well will increase your chances of survivability.

Overall, Welcome to ParadiZe is an excellent co-op survival game that you and your friends will enjoy thoroughly. Also, make sure to take a look at the official launch trailer below.