Victrix Call of Duty Controller Looks Pretty Rad

Wireless Customization 

Attention gamers, a new controller is coming your way. Interestingly, it’s a Call of Duty-themed one with a ton of features. Today, San Diego-based professional gaming accessories brand Victrix is happy to announce a new collaboration with Call of Duty for their upcoming controller.

The controller,  the Las Almas Pro BFG Wireless Controller, is compatible with both PlayStation and PC. The controller offers a number of customizable features ensuring a personal experience. A press release provides more details on the controller and how to pre-order it. 

Victrix’s new controller, the Las Almas Pro BFG, is a wireless controller that works with both PlayStation and PC mediums. Of course, the controller, in collaboration with Call of Duty, is Call of Duty themed. Furthermore, it comes with a great deal of modularity. For instance, players can customize their sticks, the mapping of the back buttons, and even Victrix’s customizable controls on PC. Importantly, this means that gamers using the controller can ensure that the controller fits exactly how they want to play their favorite games. 

Additionally, the controller delivers high-quality audio, alongside award-winning technology. The controller, and all of its attachments, have been designed with e-sports in mind. This means the controller is focusing on trying to deliver the most satisfying and optimal performance for gamers. 

Importantly the Las Almas Pro BFG controller is available to pre-order from Victrix’s website. The controller is available to pre-order for $199.99 USD. So, will you be getting Victrix’s new controller? What do you think of the design?