Resident Evil Village Statue of Lady Dimitrescu Is Available

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Arguably one of, if not the most popular original Resident Evil character in recent years is Lady D. The popularity of Resident Evil Village really skyrocketed when Alcina Dimitrescu was revealed. Let’s be honest, she awoke something in the world that has not rested since.

Prime 1 Studio has revealed a 1/4 statue of this character and it is damn expensive. I sense an intersection of the anime waifu figurine demographic and the video game memorabilia demographic here. If it weren’t for the price, every fan of Resident Evil Village would want this statue, even if it is just for the Mommy memes.

Resident Evil Village

The base of the statue is 67cm x 54cm and it sits 66cm tall. Lady Dimitrescu is sitting on an armchair cross-legged. She holds her smoking pipe in her right hand. There are three swappable headpieces and two swappable left hand pieces.

The three heads have different facial expressions. One is a right-looking face, another is a smiling face, and the last is a left-looking face. As for the left hands, one holds a crimson goblet and the other is an open hand with long claw-nails. As a bonus, Prime 1 Studio will also be shipping a crystal statue of Lady Dimistrescu, inspired by the loot players get when defeating her.

This Lady Dimitrescu statue is available now, but it costs almost ¥254,000. That is almost $1,840 USD. It is expected to ship between October 2024 and January 2025. Resident Evil Village is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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