NieR: Automata – 3C3C1D119440927 Review – Robots, Revealing Outfits and CEOs

NieR: Automata – 3C3C1D119440927 Review

It’s hard to tell these days whether a lot of DLC will be worth purchasing. Much of it comes across as something that should have been a part of the original package, or a trivial piece of digital content that isn’t worth the price. With NieR: Automata’s aptly titled 3C3C1D119440927 add-on, what you get feels a bit light, but quickly redeems itself by offering quality over quantity.

You’re given a quest, and three outfits. The quest is handed to you in the form of a mysterious letter with only some coordinates to follow. Coming back after finishing Automata, it felt great seeing previously unused areas now open for business in the form of coliseums where you can do battle with a few twists. Enter fights, climb the ranks, and earns rewards. Classic.

Ranks are leveled, so you might find yourself unable to complete higher ranks right away. The only issue I had with this DLC was the lack of a more early game arena, which could be completed before level 50. Instead, you’ll be forced to either grind or finish the game if the final ranks are too difficult. However, if you can manage to make it through, there are some interesting scenes in store.


“I’m sure some might be a bit offended by what’s on display, but this game is rated M for some very good reasons.”

Yoko Taro’s strange vision continues to unfold and make you question both existence and the meaning of life. Each battle you tear apart machines, but to what end? Why do they fight? It’s all a bit lost in the chaos when you’re trying to kill everything without touching the ground, but truths hit home once combat is over and you’re getting a reward for slaughtering someone’s potential loved one.

As far as the outfits go, they’re the cherry on top. While one is a bit saucy, it’s not exactly surprising considering what else NieR: Automata has to offer. It’s a very nice touch though being able to change appearance if you wish, bringing some new life into subsequent play. I’m sure some might be a bit offended by what’s on display, but this game is rated M for some very good reasons. Besides, you’re not forced to wear them at any point.

Automata DLC 3C3C1D119440927 ins1

There is of course the fight with Square’s CEO, which is as fun as it sounds. Ever since Reggie stated that his body is ready, I’ve been waiting to see more and more company men involve and inject themselves into the games they help produce. It’s such an absurd idea, and to fight the CEO is almost the Easter egg of all Easter eggs. It fits nicely though, and doesn’t take away from everything you accomplished to get to that stage.

If more hard-hitting story is what you’re after, then surprisingly 3C3C1D119440927 might just be for you. It will come across as just another arena mode for many, but there are enough little details layered in to make this combat-centric content worthy of any fan’s time. It’s a little pricey being over ten dollars, but I assure you that this one is definitely worth it.

***A PS4 key was provided by the publisher***

The Good

  • New outfits
  • Arena mode
  • Square CEO boss fight

The Bad

  • Focused more on late game