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DualSense Edge PS5 Controller Review

When it comes to controllers, Sony has come a long way over the years. Since it’s initial release in 1997, the DualShock has evolved. To the point where the DualShock 4, released in 2013, featured a touchpad, a share button, and a light bar for use with the PlayStation Camera. When the DualSense controller arrived in 2020 it upped the ante featuring haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone. It remains a rock-solid controller and one I had no desire to replace. That is, until now. The DualSense Edge controller is fantastic. It is unquestionably the most complete and innovative PlayStation controller we have seen to date.

From the moment I unboxed the controller, the DualSense Edge screams premium product. Sure, the adaptive triggers, remarkable haptic technology and new touchpad makes for a more immersive gaming experience but it’s the little things for me. I absolutely love the white case, and the fact I can charge the controller while in the case. The replaceable stick modules are fantastic. Being able to remap buttons, adjust trigger depths and swap out the stick caps is absolutely brilliant. I love the design too.  There is just a ton to love about the controller right out of the box.

It’s About Damn Time

Granted, this controller is long overdue. It’s clearly PlayStation’s answer to the Xbox Elite controller, and that’s okay. It’s about damn time PlayStation fans are able to use a high-end first-party controller. Pro controllers are popping up everywhere, so it’s high time Sony joins the kegger party.

Out of the box, you get the controller, some instructions, and the snazzy white case. Inside the case, you get four additional thumbstick caps (two high and two low) that can snap on without any tools. You also get 2 back buttons and 2 paddles that sit under the controller, just like you see with the Xbox Elite controller. You also get a long braided USB cable and a special housing that can lock the cable into the controller for those that like to play with wired controllers. It all comes in at around $200 bucks USD.

There is no doubt it’s pricey. It is more than double the original DualSense controller and about $20 bucks more than the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. This makes the DualSense Edge one of the most expensive controllers on the market. Most folks don’t really need all those bells and whistles that come with this gamepad. Yet, if you are a competitive gamer who wants to take advantage of all those customizable options the Edge controller offers, it is a solid, albeit expensive, investment.

I’m Sexy And I Know It   

I do love how it has that familiar DualSense look and feel. PS5 owners should feel right at home with this bad boy. It’s well-made and doesn’t feel cheap. Unlike its predecessor, it features shiny buttons and a black touchpad. It’s a meaty controller too. I found it a tad heavier than the original DualSense but not so heavy that it’ll weigh you down. It just looks and feels like a high-end premium pro controller. Nobody should be disappointed with its overall look and design.

Under the controller there are magnetic slots for the attachable back buttons, there are trigger locks, and a small release button used to pop off the front faceplate. Even the belly of the controller looks great. That said, the release button that pops open the cover faceplate is a bit of a pain to access. If you have dainty fingers it won’t be a problem, but I did struggle popping it open with my chunky digits.

I will say, the battery life is a huge letdown. I get it, given everything this controller can do, it sucks more power than your OG base DualSense controller. But 6 hours battery life? That just stinks. So inevitably you’ll have to get in the habit of charging it after nearly every use. Not exactly a deal breaker but more of a bummer that Sony wasn’t able to hit double digits with its charge life.

Despite its lackluster battery power, being able to adjust the triggers is fantastic. Shooter fans will love this. There are 3 settings that adjust the depth of your triggers. When playing Call of Duty, being able to adjust the triggers from standard depth to hair-trigger depth feels like an advantage. I just found it easier to shoot when I barely have to touch the triggers. Likewise, the back buttons are equally impressive. They snap on with ease via magnetic slots. They don’t feel in the way either and just seem like a natural part of the controller.

Honey, Can You Open This?

Replacing the caps; however, is a bit of a pain in the ass. With most pro controllers, you merely yank the cap off the thumbstick and snap a new one back on. It’s usually pretty simple. With the DualSense Edge, you have a couple more steps. First, you have to pop the faceplate off, then you need to lift the metal level which allows you to slide the stick module out. From there, you can then replace the caps. Clearly, this isn’t something you’ll want to fiddle with mid-game. That said, I love how I didn’t have to use a tool for replacing anything, including the caps.

Like many other competitive controllers, you can change the button profiles. All of this is accomplished within the settings menu. Where other controllers will limit the number of profiles on your controller, this one does not. You can create as many profiles as you want. Once you have your profiles mapped out, you can store up to four of them on the actual gamepad. You can then change them by holding down the function button and pressing the face button.

Granted, not every PS5 owner needs this controller. If adjusting the triggers, sticks, and customizing your profile is not something you do, then you really don’t need to take the plunge. The base PS5 controller will do you just fine but I will say that after using this DualSense Edge over the past week, it’s hard to go back. This thing just feels so good.

There is a lot to love about the DualSense Edge controller. It looks and feels like a premium high-end controller. Games feel more immersive and it’s got all the customizable options that will satisfy any gamer from hardcore shooter fans to aspiring eSports players. If you’re looking for an edge (see what I did there) or if you just want the best first-party PlayStation controller available, the DualSense Edge is for you. While the battery life is a letdown and the price may give you some pause, playing on my PS5 has never felt better and there is no questions, it’s a great investment.

***The DualSense Edge was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this review***

The Good

  • Gorgeous
  • Feels great
  • Tons of customizable options
  • Slick case
  • Makes games more immersive

The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Battery life stinks
  • Bit of a pain to replace caps